Steelers Opponent Preview: The New England Patriots


AP. Photo/Steven Senne

Oh, the temptation. There were so many possibilities for the title of this article when referring to the opponent. In the end some remaining shreds of professionalism restrained me. I will try to continue to utilize them as I write about The Great Satan. Oops—I mean the New England Patriots.

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Roasting the Goose, Part 2


Now That’s Entertainment…

by Ivan Cole

Someday a history will be written that chronicles how certain aspects of the corporate mindset laid to waste so much that was positive in our culture. Fidelity to the idea of short term profitability that, at first, gives all the appearances of being an effective path to prosperity eventually proves to be woefully short sighted and corrosive.

Some may be quick to heap scorn on the corporate culture of the NFL, and specifically Commissioner Roger Goodell, but the reality is that their behavior and that of many of their partners adheres close to norm of what transpires throughout our society. They become trapped in a low consciousness mindset that almost inevitably leads to the torture and slaying of the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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Ben Roethlisberger: Necessary Confidence or Unbridled Egotism?


Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

In yesterday’s Five Smoldering Questions Hombre de Acero linked the following quote from a larger article:

It all seems like decisions are made to keep the $100 million QB happy. And this loss starts with Roethlisberger. We see far too many people who live in world of comforting beliefs rather than facts. Never is that more apparent in society than during election season. Roethlisberger is no different. He “believes” he can do exactly what Tom Brady does. But he can’t. Because for whatever reason the facts are that there are 2-4 games a year when Ben looks like a completely different human being out there. He never has shown that he ever will be that consistent when it’s all on him. Most games he hums along beautifully, but then out of nowhere come games of erratic passing and decision-making. Ben doesn’t want to “believe” he never has nor ever will be as consistent as Brady. So he’s pushed and pushed to change the foundation with which this franchise built six championships. Meanwhile if seems like Todd Haley and Mike Tomlin don’t want to rock the boat of a guy who makes nearly a hundred million more than they do.

As you can tell, author Matt Steel didn’t pull any punches. In fact, the article title—”Loss in Miami Exposed Steelers—Again” makes the tone of the article fairly clear. And Steel makes some interesting points. Neither he nor anyone else knows whether they are valid, of course.

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5 Smoldering Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers: The Return of Hombre Edition


Keith Srakocic/AP

by Hombre de Acero

We’ve seen a lot from the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers since I departed for my month-long road trip (which limited me to seeing 2 of the 4 Steelers games), and during that time the Steelers seem to have “found” their proverbial identify only to create far more questions in week six than they seemingly answered weeks 1-5 by getting Drowned by the Dolphins.

To add injury to the (self-inficted) insult the Steelers suffered in Miami, Ben Roethlisberger tore his meniscus leaving Landry Jones to start against the New England Patriots….. With that uplifting thought, we now turn our attention to this week’s edition of the 5 Smoldering Questions beginning with a trip to a more pleasant alternate reality from Steelers-Dolphins past.

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On Second Thought: Steelers at Dolphins


Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Ivan Cole

Here is a hardcore assessment of some of the flaws in the Steelers approach that stand between them and greatness.

It’s Le’Veon stupid! People who know me will hear an ongoing joke concerning the egos of offensive coordinators. Remember two Super Bowls ago when the geniuses that run the Seattle Seahawk offense had the ball inside New England’s two-yard line and an unstoppable force in Marshawn Lynch. But, of course, giving the ball to Lynch is what they would be expecting us to do, so let’s trick ‘em!

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Flopping in Miami: Steelers at Dolphins


(AP Photo)

This is another of those game recaps nobody wants to write. It’s easy and fun to write about a win, but I find with a loss, especially one as disheartening as this one, it’s difficult to force oneself to focus on the task at hand, being as one would prefer to forget the whole thing. So this will be one of those “highlights and lowlights” sort of posts, and we will leave the heavy hitting for Tuesday.

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Roasting the Goose

FILE--Red Grange, half-back for the University of Illinois, poses with coach Bob Zuppke, right, during football practice, in this 1925 file photo. Grange is a featured played in ESPN's "Rites of Autumn," a 10-part series about college football that debuts on the cable channel Friday, Oct. 12, 2001. (AP Photo) ORG XMIT: NY353

By Ivan Cole

No, this isn’t the Sunday Food-Related post.  Furthermore, Ivan has spared you from more pictures of my daughter-in-law’s bathroom. For this we can all be profoundly grateful… 

Word is out that NFL viewership is down. Though there may be short term issues that are of influence, we have to consider whether long term trends and decisions may be beginning to catch up with the league and coming home to roost.

The big story in the current news cycle is NFL television ratings have taken a significant dip as outlined in these three accounts published this past week—in the Washington Post, The Atlantic, and SI’s MMQB Nobody really knows the true meaning of what is transpiring, whether this is just a blip caused by transitory matters such as the riveting drama of the presidential debates or part of the technological evolution that allows for viewers to be less dependent upon traditional platforms for game access such as cable and other influences.

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