The Bye Week Pro Bowl: Best Comments from the 2015 Season

The Bye Week is a time of great restlessness in Steeler Nation. Especially in a year with a late bye, we’re either wanting to get the season over with so we can start talking about the draft (very uncommon,) we are frantically calculating play-off scenarios (standard,) or are already collecting recipes for our Super Bowl parties to cheer the Steelers to victory. (That would be steeler fever)

Unlike Patriots fans, complacency doesn’t seem to be warranted until after the AFC Championship Game is won for Steeler fans. If then.

We need some fun things to get us through this interminable week, and our writers need a break too. So I’ve decided to let you all do the heavy lifting. I have chosen some of my favorite comments from this season. At the end of the article you have the opportunity to vote for your favorites, and we will declare the champion afterwards. If you can choose. I like them all. The numbering is strictly reverse chronological.

And, lest you are wondering, like the Pro Bowl, the prize is pretty much just bragging rights. But if you like I’ll throw in a free one-year subscription to this site : )

Today’s category, since this is supposed to be fun, is just that:

Category I: Amusing, Ironic, or Just Plain Funny

Steelers/Browns recap:

№1. elpalito:

It’s a credit to Colbert that the team had such a steady, veteran backup QB for Jones. Some complained that he was a bit pricey or injury prone, but I KNEW he’d be able to step in when needed.

№2. steeler fever:

I think the universe would implode if the town of Cleveland was to ever win a championship. So I am perfectly happy with the Browns fans being unhappy, surely they are used to it by now.

Raiders preview:

№ 3. Ivan, in re Cameron Heyward’s baby being born a day early, and Heyward consequently not having to miss the Raiders game:

Happy about the baby, but the timing is awfully convenient. Are we sure the child wasn’t threatened?

Kansas City preview:

№ 4. steeler fever, commenting on the rant about unequal usage of male and female football commentators:

With my hair carefully coiffed, I [must] gush over how much I liked this article. It is soooo in depth and my knowledge heading to KC this weekend is greatly increased. Thank you soooo much. 

Roxanna Firehall/Little Darlin’ Football Jamboree, Part I:

№ 5. cold old steelers fan:

I used to like [to] play Stan Rodgers, for the sing along value, on long road trips… Ah the year was 1778, I wish I was in Sherbrooke now…

Rams preview:

№ 6. Homer J.:

Fortunately, very few players from the Los Angeles Rams of the pre-Chuck Noll are still active in the NFL. And, even if they were, they would probably have trouble finding the Rams’ stadium, on account of it ain’t in Inglewood any more.

49ers recap:

№ 7. Colin A.:

I tell you one person who’s probably very happy today… Whoever is in charge of making the Renegade montage. I imagine it was becoming difficult to find good, recent material after the way last year went.

Antwan Blake certainly gave him some hits to work with, most notably on Vernon Davis along the sideline. William Gay has blown up a few WR screens with hits that might be worthy as well. Anything that Shazier does is impressive just based on the wow factor of his speed

Renegade Person’s job just got a whole lot easier.

Tomlin Clock Management article:

№8. geoffrey benedict:

Coaches rarely make the decisions they do because they want to lose, hate the fans or because cognizance of their own shortcomings has convinced them to embrace losing. They make decisions for a reason, they have strategy in mind. They have goals. Understanding what coaches are trying to achieve is more valuable, but less self-righteously fun than hindsightedly demanding perfection.

AFC North 2013 Draft, wrap-up article:

№ 9. Ivan:

Those guilty of ‘premature evaluation’ should consider seeking medical attention. There certainly would be a market for an over the counter medication of some kind. Maybe we could get Mel Kiper to do some sort of testimonial.

Patriots preview:

№10: mad anthony wayne: (now known as roxanna firehall)

Just for fun, I thought I’d join in. I have NO CLUE. As a retired lawyer, that will no way deter me from offering an opinion. I’ll take the Steelers and the seven points (monopoly money, only). Satan’s Horde 31-Steelers 27.

Training Camp for Fans, Part 4:

№ 11. mike:

I like this quote basically because I am of average intelligence:

Smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons.
—Michael Shermer

Bills (preseason) recap:

№ 12. cold old steelers fan:

I don’t understand tattoos or body piercing (including pierced ears). Your poor body takes so much abuse over your lifetime, why expose it to more? Maybe it is having poked a hole in my foot with a mini-jack hammer when I was 19 that makes me think this way. IDK.

№ 13. slatsmagoo:

Entertaining article and I hope to see more of them.

Now please excuse me while I shove my terrible towel back into my mouth so no one can hear the incredible amount of weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth that’s been occurring.

And to finish, I’ll just leave this here:

№ 14. steeler fever:

You know it was Shakespeare who said “All is well that ends with the Steelers winning a Super Bowl”. You can quote me on that.

You may stuff the ballot box and vote for as many as you like. Have at it : )



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