Hombre de Acero’s Comments on the Pittsburgh Steelers, Week 17

via Steelers.com

by Hombre de Acero

After much sound and fury, the Pittsburgh Steelers have qualified for the AFC’s sixth seed as a Wild Card in the 2015 playoffs. Numerically speaking, four wins is all that separates the Pittsburgh Steelers from the franchise’s seventh Super Bowl Championship.

With that, we give you four Steelers who must step up to pull Pittsburgh through the playoffs.

Thus beings the article Hombre sent me late last night after an uncommonly busy day. Because of the time differential neither of us realized until today that he sent me the wrong article. 

You can read the full article on his website here Do check it out. It’s a corker…



  • Hi, Hombre de Acero.
    I was surprised not to read about the deep defenders.
    Looks like Antwon Blake will be starter. Despite his good pass defended and tackles records (in both cases leading the team) he remains looking as “no guarantee” player. Hitting insted of tackling (and with that not stopping the offender), losing the battles in the air against recievers, and so on. Do you think he must be replaced? He can be a postseason player?
    I can’t wait your opinion.
    Send you a big hug, my friend.


  • It will come down to Big Ben on offense and the fellas getting QB pressure on defense. Not much to add to that. With more pass attempts, there will be more interceptions. But I’d rather they come on deep 50 yard bombs than on short passes.


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