Homer’s Obiter Dicta: Steelers at Bengals

perils of pauline

by Homer J.

Homer sent me the usual game notes, which I don’t have time to edit, as I’m still between flights. But here are his thoughts and  his famous report card, which I’m sure is locker room material at the Southside facility…

Final pass incomplete.  Who dey cryin’?

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.

I haven’t seen a game like that since the Immaculate Reception game.

The magnificent irony of Cincinnati literally giving away a game they had won….by dirty play…..and Burfict, of all people. It was altogether fitting and proper that he cost them with his criminal behavior.

Marvin Lewis lost control of his team…and they lost the game because of it.  And he may lose his job because of it. He left Burfict in the game.

Report card:Quarterback: A. Ben gets an A for his gutsy performance at the end, coming in injured with 1:22 left.  Landry Jones, however, gets an F and has thrown his last pass as a Steeler.

Running backs: A-. Given the circumstances, that was the best we could expect of the No. 3 and 4 running backs. Decent blocking, good receiving, and they had a number of solid runs. 182 total yards from Fitz and Todman. That’s remarkable.

Receivers: A-. Bryant gets an A+++ for the greatest catch of his life, and for a great run on a reverse. The other guys did fine. Antonio Brown was excellent, and we hope and pray he is okay.

Offensive line: B. A good day at the office.

Defensive line: B+.  Stopped the run cold. Put decent pressure on mcCarron.

Linebackers: A. Shazier was superhuman all day. The other guys were solid.

Defensive back: B-.  They were fantastic for three quarters. Problem was the game was four quarters.

Special teams: B. Boswell made four field goals and all those touchbacks. He couldn’t have been better. But poor coverage on one punt and a 15-yard interference penalty on Shamarko Thomas lowered the grade from an A to a B.

Coaching: A. Mike Tomlin kept control of his team when Marvin Lewis lost control of his team. And that was the difference in the game.

It was like Ali-Frazier IV.  It was the Rumble in the Jungle. And those who saw it will never forget it.  Who dey?  Who gives a damn!

As James Farrior said after the game on Twitter, “that’s what happens when you’re not used to success. You do stupid things and lose your chance for a ring.”

So, will Ben be okay for next week?  Will AB be okay after what appeared to be a concussion? Will DeAngelo be back? This team has had more cliffhangers than the Perils of Pauline.

We’ve never seen anything like this season, and we probably never will.

Please pass the nitro. Homer’s heart can’t take it anymore.  Here we go, go, go. Go.


  • cold_old_steelers_fan

    Talk to PaVaSteeler about the nitro. He probably has some put aside for his car.

    I hope you are correct about Landry Jones but the post season can provide a lot more twists and turns before it is over. I do agree that there is no reason to bring him back next season.

    Liked by 1 person

  • HawaiianSteeler86

    Shazier saved his best game for when the team really needed it! His play in this critical game more than justifies his first round selection IMHO. How about the RB’s, FT and JT gave a combined performance that well exceeded my modest expectations.


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