5 Smoldering Questions: Free Agency Edition

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by Hombre de Acero

The Steelers are in their second week of free agency, yet already the South Side has seen a whirlwind of action as Steelers Nation doesn’t know whether its saying bye or saying hello…. While Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin have many more chess pieces to move before it is all over, enough of the board has been set for 2016 for Going Deep Steelers to pose 5 Smoldering Questions on Free Agency and the Steelers 2016 Off Season thus far.

1. If there was ever a spot in Steelers Nation that appreciated Heath Miller’s contribution to the Pittsburgh Steelers it was this site. Numbers might never do Miller justice as a player, but perhaps they can reveal what he meant to the Steelers:

Heath Miller Stats vs. Rest of Steelers

The graphic at left ranks Heath Miller’s performances vs. the rest of the players during his time with the Steelers who got over 100 targets. As you can see, only Le’Veon Bell has a better targets-to-catch ratio. Heath Miller was a close to a sure catch as you can get in the NFL.

Even with all other offensive fire power the Steelers will have in 2016, can they really compensate for the loss of Heath Miller’s dependability?

2. One of the biggest X-Factors facing the Steelers entering free agency is how Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin would deal with the left side of their offensive line hitting the open market. Now that their decision is clear, do you agree in their opting to resign Ramon Foster at the expense of keeping Kelvin Beachum?

3. Speaking “bang-for-your salary-cap-buck” calculations, the Steelers have lost Steve McLendon to the Jets, which drew this reaction from Mark Kaboly:

Agree or disagree? Defend your choice.

4. Of the Steelers free agency signings not discussed so far on this thread, which do you predict will have the biggest impact in 2016 and why?

5. Finally, what do you think of Martavis Bryant’s decision to drop his appeal and accept his season-long suspension?

There you go folks, have at it!


  • 1. They have to, but it won’t be just one player. Everyone will have to step up.

    2. I am guessing Beachum was/is asking for more than the Steelers wanted to pay. Perhaps his rehab is not as far along as the team would have liked at the dollar amount he is seeking.

    3. Agree. Too much money when the Steelers hardly play 3-4 base these days. Lots of 2-4-5 and 2-3-6 with Big Steve sucking down Gatorade on the bench.

    4. May or may not show up in a stat line, but Gay and his leadership of the secondary.

    5. Good call. Appeals of this type never come out in favor of the player. Suck it up, and go get the help he so obviously needs.

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  • roxannafirehall

    We must be getting a little monolithic here. I have nothing to add to Bill’s answers. I think BPWG was a steal for what they’re paying him. We’ll be happy he’s there to instill that mental focus/toughness in the young CBs.


  • HawaiianSteeler86

    1. We won’t be soon forgetting the overall contributions of #83, but with LG’s YAC potential, Heath’s loss may be softened quite a bit. A possible diamond in the rough find.

    2. I liked Beachum’s character & work ethic and he fit in well with the Steeler’s OL Group. The $$’s were calling him and he took it. I’m sure he will miss the B&G and may be back ala’ BPWG!

    3. Congratulations to Steve McLendon on getting his big final contract! With the surrounding DE talent there on the Jets, he should fit in well with that DL Group.

    4. I like the Ryan Harris pick-up. He brings a veteran presence and starting experience to the tackle position at a reasonable $3.9 Million/two year contract.

    5. Great decision Martavis! Accept the punishment and get the help you need to get back on track. That is where your focus should be! You are still young and the Steelers will be there when you are right in your life.

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