The Sunday Football-Related Music Post That Isn’t…

Isn’t what? It isn’t a music post, and it isn’t football related. Actually, it’s an excuse. If I had a dog, I would tell you he ate my post. But I don’t. I do, however, have a bunch of family in town, all of whom like to eat and none of whom are, strangely, motivated to write a post for me. Last night I conducted a concert. And today I’m conducting my final one ever, at least as the director of The Pittsburgh Camerata.

There is no football today either. So please feel free to come hear my concert (3 pm, Heinz Chapel, on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh) if you live in the area. If you do, come and say hello. There is nothing even vaguely football-related about the music. I would be sorry about that if there were football-related music to program, but there isn’t.

Or you can go back to watching college basketball. But there’s a long way to go before things really get exciting. So live a little, come to a live concert, and introduce yourself afterwards. It would be a treat for me : )

Or you can just tune back in tomorrow morning for our regularly scheduled programming. As they say in Vegas, “We’ll be here all week.”

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