5 Smoldering Questions, Training Camp Edition

by Hombre de Acero

203 days have passed since the Steelers’ shot at climbing the Stairway to Seven ended in Denver. Opening day is 33 days away, the Steelers have been at St. Vincent’s for 9 days, but today this corner of Steelers Nation must grabble with these 5 Smoldering Questions on the Steelers.

1. If Le’Veon Bell’s suspension is upheld, what impact if any do you think that Le’Veon Bell’s suspension will have on the Steelers’ 2016 Super Bowl hopes?

2. For this writer, Ivan Cole’s story about his “Steelers spring sabbatical” really brought home how oversaturated Steelers coverage has become. With that said, what do you think was the most underreported Steelers story this off season?

3. A year ago, the Steelers entered training camp thinking that Cortez Allen and Shamarko Thomas were going to start and exited camp with an “Accidental Secondary.

Based on that experience, Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin opted to dump Allen, Antwon Blake and Brandon Boykin go all in on the youth movement at defensive back.

How realistic are the Steelers’ chances of fielding a stronger secondary in 2016 as compared to a year ago?

4. The Steelers have been at St. Vincent’s for almost a week now. Who is ready to earn some “bragging rights” by naming their pick for the Steelers 2016 a training camp sleeper?

5. This weekend Tony Dungy will enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame. While Dungy’s head coaching record in Tampa Bay and Indianapolis has earned him his spot in Canton, Dungy is a former Steelers player and assistant coach.

What if anything, does the Pittsburgh part of Dungy’s resume say about his Hall of Fame worthiness and do you think Steelers Nation should treat Dungy’s induction as one of our own?

There you go folks, have at it!

in case you’re wondering, the picture is Dungy in his Steeler days…


  • 1. After a week of training camp, less than I feared. I think the offense could function (assuming the O line is decent) with almost anyone, as long as Ben and AB are firing on all cylinders.

    2. I don’t think there is such a thing. Not in Pittsburgh, anyhow. Want to read about Ben’s hangnail, or talk about AB’s new outfit? Done!

    3. Less than they were before Senquez Golson got hurt again. Really, it’s the same every year—who is going to step up? Somehow it seems as if secondary players are more hit-or-miss than almost any other position. But maybe that’s because of what I’ve seen in Pittsburgh… But look at the Bengals. They’ve drafted a lot of corners in the first round in the past few years, and last year they were depending on Leon Hall, who is about a million years old.

    4. Me! Pick me! I solemnly declare that Brandon Brown-Dukes on offense and Tyler Matakevich on defense are going to be this year’s sensations. I just hope they hold up better than so many of the previous ones…

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  • 1. None, really.

    2. Under reported — you’ve got to be kidding. Over reported, just about everything.

    3. DB will be significantly better. The players will be somewhat better, barring any more major injuries. The front seven will be significantly better, lifting the entire defense.

    4. The Grave Digger, if he counts, Chickillo, if not. The former will start, the latter will push Deebo and JJ for playing time.

    5. Tony Dungy is a Steeler, period. He played for us, he coached for us, Definitely one of us.

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  • cold_old_steelers_fan

    1) I think the impact will be that the Steelers are now relying on their depth instead of their starters. If D-Will stays healthy then the impact will be minimal and there may even be a chance for the next two guys behind him to get a few reps. If D-Will gets injured then the Steelers are going to be hurting all season. It may well cost a couple of games.

    I think we will see the same effect with the receivers because Bryant is gone.

    2) I can’t think of one atm.

    3) The Golson injury hurts but I think the Steelers still have a chance, not a certainty, of fielding a better defensive backfield.

    4) I think people who have been backing Chickillo, some since last season, may well have earned some serious bragging rights. Best edge rusher in camp is a lofty designation in a Steelers training camp.

    5) I have to go with Roxannafirehall on this one. Dungy has earned the right to be a Steelers HOF if he wants.


  • 5 fizzling answers

    I do believe this is my favorite ongoing series of articles, TY Hombre.

    1. Make it 5 games, I don’t want him to play in the second Bengals game, either. I am hoping we have a fresh Bell with few dings throughout the playoffs and Super Bowl, I do believe he commented that he would try to be more conscious of avoiding injuries going forward.

    2, It would appear the Steelers had a good draft. I have been on my own Steeler’s sabbatical the last couple of months. Don’t the Steelers have a pre-season game this coming Thursday?

    3. We should have more talent, the preseason is most important to this group of players, including the safeties. How could they look worse in the first game this year compared to last.

    4. That is the problem of taking a break during the dead season, I don’t have a sleeper as of yet. Unlike in past years, where I made my mind up right after the draft, I will find my darling in the fourth quarter of the upcoming preseason game. Yes, I find the fourth quarter entertaining, the drama is who is going to make the team or at least practice squad.

    5. I don’t remember much about Dungy’s career as a Steeler, he must have played in the 80’s, I told my wife that I didn’t understand why he was being inducted into the HOF. Maybe I should read up on him, especially since he has roots with the best team to ever be a team, our amazing Pittsburgh Steelers.


  • 1. Bell suspension impact-4 less passes caught by the RB/game.
    2. What was the story behind Cortez Allens demise.
    3.Every Draft has promise, but hardly ever is there a good starter as a rookie. The seasons first half should be a rookies folly in pass coverage. I’m not convinced the DBs are better than last year, I would go the other way until I see the proof.
    5.A great defensive mind with the Steelers. He was better as a head coach. Hes a Honorable mention as a Steeler.


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