Steelers @ Eagles

imageI started to put up one of those tombstones with “R.I.P.” on it or some such, but that would perhaps be over-dramatic for a Week 3 game which is also the first loss of the season. But as Son No. 2 says, it’s difficult to truly grasp just how much that sucked. We weren’t able to watch the game, what with one thing and another, until the evening, and as I write this it is bedtime in Salt Lake.

I’m going to bed now, hoping I’ll be able to get up tomorrow morning and find something good to write about the game. But I’m not feeling very Pollyanna-ish just now.

The one thing I suppose you could point to is that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s day was even worse than Ben’s. According a tweet by Jon_Bois, Fitzpatrick has the first six interception zero touchdown game since Tom Tupa in 1989. Tupa later became a punter.

Ben’s not a bad punter, actually…

And on that note, see you tomorrow.


  • A really nasty loss. Nothing really to say. Just. move on, nothing to see here . . . .


  • That was a game we should just learn from, forget, and move on from. Steelers really laid an egg on it. Both offensively and defensively, and on special teams.

    Also, CBS really frustrated me as in DC they decided to switch to the browns/dolphins game in the interim of the ravens/jaguars and our game. Then decided not to switch to the Steelers when it started in favor of showing 2 0-2 teams in an overtime game. Missed 9 minutes of the first quarter because of it.

    I would say I felt most, if not all of the personal foul calls were kind of B.S, though Gay’s facemask may not have been. They did not replay that play.


  • cold_old_steelers_fan

    Game? What game?



  • Sorry (sort of) that I was unable to provide a review of the game. Accepted an invite to an event scheduled for late Sunday afternoon, thinking the game was at 1pm. Oops. Would have been wrong to cancel or not show up. The Steelers didn’t cancel, but they didn’t seem to show up yesterday. The Iggles sure did.

    Did see some of the game, and Wentz sure as hell looks like the real deal. Haven’t seen a rookie impress me that much since Ben took over for Tommy Gun. With that impressive defense behind him, and with Sproles as his safety valve on offense, the guess here is that the Iggles win the NL-Least going away. From there, who knows? They could be this year’s Team of Destiny.

    Steelers looked awful in all three phases of the game. It’s clear they weren’t as good as we thought they were. But they’re also not as bad as they looked yesterday. Gawd, it was painful, though, watching Spoles make fools out of Shazier and Davis on the same play.

    Guess everyone’s on the Wentz Wagon by now, and Fluffya will move up into one of the top spots in the power rankings. They deserve all the accolades they get, because they earned it.

    The Steelers got their butts kicked by a better, more physical team. But it’s early in the season, reinforcements are on the way, and it’s simply time to move on. Momma said there’d be days like this……


  • My friend(?) who is an Iggles fan wore a Steelers Cap “just to jinx us” for our twice a year boys night out dinner last Friday. Should he wear a Steelers Cap prior to any future Iggles vs. Stillers games he will be asked politely to immediately uncover his fat head or risk extreme physical violence on his green feathered being!


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