On Second Thought: Homer J. Opines on Many Things, Including Steelers at Colts

via Steelers.com

via Steelers.com

Homer J. left the following as a comment to yesterday’s postIt being the holiday and all, I was afraid it might be overlooked and have taken the liberty of transferring it into its own post. 

It was a lovely way to cap off the finest of American holidays. Thanksgiving is Homer’s favorite holiday, because it is so inclusive. No one is left out. We can all celebrate. Just read a piece in the San Gabriel Valley (CA) Tribune about how Chinese Turkey is becoming all the rage out there. The Chinese immigrants want to celebrate the holiday, but turkey is not traditional Chinese fare. So they figure out a way to do it up like Peking Duck, with the extra crispy skin and those great spices. And sticky rice instead of stuffing. They love it and they join in America’s holiday celebration. Then their neighbors try it and love it, too. It’s an old – and wonderful – story that’s as American as apple pie, pizza, bagels, and Taco Bell. We gather together.

And the game was just as fine. First of all, it was the second game in five days, and, once again, a victory with no serious injuries. Two road wins in a row—beating the spread—and ten days of rest before they play their next game, at home. At this stage of the season, you can’t really ask for more than that.

Kevin Colbert had a happy Thanksgiving, because his top draft choices were anything but turkeys last night. Artie Burns, number one, was all over his man and was hardly targeted at all. When he was targeted, he did just fine. Sean Davis, pick number two, had the best game of his career, highlighted by a monster stop in the open field on the one yard line that may have been the defensive play of the game.

And third round pick Javon Hargrave was Homer’s defensive player of the game, completely dominating the line of scrimmage with his strength, size, and amazing quickness. Gravedigger picked last night – before a nationally-televised audience – to have his coming out party. He was simply terrific, and you begin to wonder just how good he’s gonna be. The thought of Wreck It, Tuitt, and Gravedigger as your front three has Homer salivating. Also, don’t overlook the energy and power that Bud Dupree brought to the defense upon his return. Maybe the E-Z Pass defense ™ was just an aberration.

In any case, if this team is going anywhere this year, the key is to firm up the defense. And the key to that is for the rookies and second year men to mature quickly and produce. True, the last two games have been against lesser competition, but the kids are coming along quickly and last night they were simply terrific.

The offense looked great in the first half, with three touchdowns in their first three possessions. The offensive line was dominant, and the second holding penalty against DeCastro was a cheap call. DD was right, they could have run for 200 yards last night. And Ben is clearly Indy’s daddy (Hoosier Daddy?), with 13 TD’s and 0 INT’s in his last three games against them. The only quibble I had with Ben last night was that Third and Two call in the 3rd quarter, when he went for the bomb and missed. Indy then went on that 89 yard drive that took up 135 plays, began on Wednesday and lasted almost until Black Friday. Ya gotta wonder how Ben felt, standing on the sideline, watching that endless drive and thinking that he woulda/coulda/shoulda found some way to get the ball to Bell or AB for the first down and kept the drive going.

The two goal line stands were confidence builders, as was the entire game. What Homer said early bears repeating because it’s the takeaway from last night’s game. This game was just what the doctor ordered. They won. They won on the road. For the second time in a row. And, for the second game in a row, nobody got hurt. And the team showed great improvement, considering the play of the rookies. And they now have ten days to prepare for Los Gigantes de Neuva York, at Heinz Field. BEST. STEELERS. THANKSGIVING. EVER.

Now let’s go to the fridge and get some leftovers to put in the microwave. And bitch about special teams because, you know, we have to have something to complain about. Life is good in Yinzburgh.


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