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Let the Pointless Speculation Begin: Steelers @ Patriots


The last Steelers Super Bowl-winning defense—and Deebo looks just the same…

My title is, of course, wildly inaccurate, as the pointless speculation about this particular AFC Championship Game began the second the curtain descended on the Ravens game, leaving the Steelers with the AFC North crown.

I wonder, by the way, what the AFC North crown actually looks like. I imagine it with a couple of Valkyries crossing swords—you know, the women from the Wagner opera (although the Norse legends from which Wagner drew his material long pre-dated the 19th century.)

See what I mean? I think the speculations should be opened up freely this weekend. After all, some of us at least need to distract ourselves from worrying about the game.

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Steelers Opponent Preview: The New England Patriots


Let’s hope Tom will be seeing a lot of James on Sunday…

Although I used the more traditional name for Sunday’s opponent, it’s highly unlikely that anyone has forgotten the more informal sobriquet bestowed upon them by Mike Tomlin last Sunday evening. And whether Mike Tomlin actually thinks of the Patriots as constitutionally different than all the other teams or not, I would venture to guess Steeler Nation does. Many believe the Pats robbed the Steelers of two Super Bowl appearances.

I looked up the final scores of those two AFC Championship games, and discovered the 2001 game was won 24—17 by New England, and the 2004 game by a score of 41-27. I don’t know whether this merely indicates that Belichick got better at utilizing the information as he went along, or whether it’s a conspiracy theory sort of thing, but there is no doubt Belichick had video materials for both games. How much difference it made is up for debate.

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5 Smoldering Questions on the Steelers: Post-Chiefs Pre-Patriots Edition


Shall we dance?

By Hombre de Acero

The Pittsburgh Steelers went into Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday and are now headed to New England for the AFC Championship game, thanks to six Chris Boswell field goals, stout defense and excellent special teams. But before we see whether the Black and Gold will qualify for a shot at climbing the Stairway to Seven, this corner of Steelers Nation must first answer these 5 Smoldering questions.

1. The Pittsburgh Steelers offense was revving between the 20’s but stalled badly in the end zone, to the tune of 0 touchdowns on 4 visits. What do you think is the root of the issue, and does it give you cause for concern looking ahead
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Homer J’s Thoughts About Mike Tomlin vs. The Great Satan, and Parts of the Human Anatomy


No love lost…

By Homer J

That Sunday night game really messed up everyone’s karma.

As the pom-pom guy pointed out, we spotted those a-holes a day and a half, and didn’t get back to PIT till four o’clock in the morning. Luckily, James Harrison comes from a planet where sleep is optional, especially when it gets in the way of your workout.

Supposedly, James headed directly to the South Side facility and began his workout less than an hour after touch down. (Not sure if Roger Goodell – who was at the KC game – accompanied Harrison on the flight back or to the workout room, but the guess here is the hourly “random testing” continues.)

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On Second Thought: the 2016 Divisional Playoffs



by Ivan Cole

A successful season

Yes, I know, I know. The line is that the only successful season is one that ends with the hoisting of the Lombardi. That would mean that there have only been six successful seasons in the history of the Franchise. It would also mean that some franchises have never had a successful season ever. So, let’s be realistic.

I am on record as stating that the standard for success for this particular collection of talent is to make it to the Conference Championship Game. Though familiar territory for fans, for some players, like Bud Dupree, winning a division championship was a new experience. For the majority of the roster, participating in a conference championship is something only a relative handful of players know about. Doing so would be novel for coaches such as Todd Haley and Mike Munchak.

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10 Random Things I Learned During Steelers @ Chiefs



It was an odd game, and this is going to be an odder-than-usual post-game article. Here goes:

10. Touchdowns are way nicer than field goals, but 18 points is still more than 16.

9. An opposing player has to essentially decapitate James Harrison before the refs call a hold on him. Luckily the tackle didn’t quite manage to completely remove his head.

8. Le’Veon Bell is amazing, but as we have seen in Landry Jones-led games and/or drives, there has to be some threat of a passing game for him to do his best work.

7. If things aren’t going so well, I need to remove the vintage Steelers button from its spot on the Terrible Towel and pin it to my Terrible Scarf. It’s the road game version of playing Renegade.

6. As Tunch Ilkin says, it’s always the second guy that gets the penalty. Apparently no one told Travis Kelce this.

5. Even James Harrison gets winded on occasion.

4. I’m all in favor of Ryan Shazier continuing to get an interception in every game—this makes four in a row.

3. Apparently an immense amount of crowd noise interferes with the referees’ ability to correctly ascertain where the ball should be spotted.

2. The Killer Bs have added a new member. Soon we’ll have a whole hive.

and finally—

1. Ben may not have had his greatest game, but he came through when it mattered.



Better Late Than Never

Chicago Bears v Pittsburgh SteelersAs everyone knows by now, the Divisional Round game between the Steelers and the Chiefs has been moved to Sunday evening.  Personally, I don’t see that the NFL should take the chance of icy roads for game-goers. There is a much better solution staring everyone  right in the face-move the game to Heinz Field. The forecast calls for partly cloudy and 38 degrees-perfect football weather.

Unfortunately the NFL is, as usual, completely obdurate, and so I don’t expect my suggestion to get any playing time in Roger Goodell’s luxury suite in New York. As usual.

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