If You’ve Been Worrying About Bud Dupree…

Photo via Steelers.com

Here’s a great link from DK Pittsburgh Sports. The site is behind a (very reasonably priced) paywall, but Dejan occasionally opens up articles to be shared, and this is one. It’s about all I can manage today, but be assured there will be full game coverage, one way or the other. Hopefully I’ll manage some other stuff this week—all of my children and many of their children are arriving at various points, because my husband is getting the US Steel Chair at CMU, and they are coming for the ceremony. He’s a wonderful man, is Mr. Momma, and it’s thanks to his awesomeness that I have the time and resources to do all of this stuff. So feel free to congratulate him : )

In the meantime, do read this article. I found it fascinating. If you have trouble accessing let me know—the procedure for sharing wasn’t obvious. Somebody asked Dejan about this in the comments, and he’s pretty good about getting back to people, so I’ll update the link if there are problems. Have a great day, everyone, and let’s go, Stillers! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is nervous about this game, both from the win and the injury standpoints….

And while we’re at it, here’s a nice interview with Dupree, from Steelers.com.


  • congratulations to mr. momma! well done!

    also, the link worked great for me, and wow, what an article! when faced with unadulterated emotional vitriol directed at our own players by so-called “fans,” i often reflect that there is so much more going on that what we see on the rectangle screens in our living rooms. this article does such a great job of showing how we must be careful about making sweeping evaluations based on our own faulty expectations, or only what we (think we) see on tv. sure players make mistakes, and sometimes they are overmatched by an opponent or a scheme, but can we also admit that sometimes we don’t know everything that is going on?


  • Impressive achievement by your husband! Impressive article as well. I’ve always been a Bud booster, but then I hold on to player love as long as possible, though I even let go of Jarvis eventually. I still mourn Shamarko’s evaporated potential.

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  • Just dawned on me I missed someone’s BD.
    Happy slightly belated.


  • cold_old_steelers_fan

    Good article. I wonder if he is getting more of the coverage assignments than TJ because he is better at it (just speculation on my part) at this point in time.

    Also, let me as add a congrats to Mr Momma, first for his achievement in academics, though I would think a steel chair would be hard on the backside after awhile. Secondly for his more impressive achievement in securing such an awesome wife.

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  • Great article. I wonder if there’s a team that Mike Tomlin talked about recently at a controversial interview that has a great TE…


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