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Meet the New Steelers Stats Guru: Karim Kassim

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As I mentioned in last week’s article, Does Character Actually Count in the NFL?the Steelers have added a front office guy, signaling their entry into 21st century methods of player acquisition analysis.  

According to Jim Wexell of

The Steelers have never subscribed to any type of prototypical number set when it comes to bringing in players. So when it came time for them to jump — some say FINALLY! — into the world of football analytics, they wanted to make sure they went beyond mere numbers-crunching and computer printouts.

No, they wanted someone who could master numbers but with a unique, more humanistic approach.

So what is this “unique, more humanistic approach?” To find out, we first need to look at the man they hired. Read more

Ben’s “”Rust” Issue, Part II



In Tuesday’s post I took a preliminary look at Ben Roethlisberger after he sits out a game for any reason, trying to decide whether his generally poor performances after returning from an injury are a matter of “rust” or something more insidious. The numbers were certainly indicative. Here, so you don’t have to switch to the previous article, are the numbers at issue:

Career Averages

Completion %: 64.0 QB rating: 94.0;TD/INT: 289/154

First game after sitting at least a week, for any reason:

Completion %: 63.7; QB rating: 87.0; TD/INT: 35/28

First game after sitting due to injury:

Completion %: 59.5*; QB rating: 72.3; TD/INT: 8/10

*This figure is corrected. It’s still bad, but not as bad as shown in the previous post. Read more

Stats Gone Crazy: How Much Information is Too Much?


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Yesterday morning I was reading ESPN’s game recap for Game Two of the Stanley Cup finals. The winning goal, for those of you not into hockey, was scored by rookie wingman Conor Sheary. Which is awesome. How awesome? The public needs to know:

With the goal, [Sheary] became the first rookie to score an OT goal in a Stanley Cup finals since Brian Skrudland in 1986 for the Montreal Canadiens, according to Elias research.

But there’s more. Of course there is:

Elias research also notes that Sheary is the first player to score a winning goal in OT in a Stanley Cup finals after his team lost the lead in the last five minutes of the game since Patrick Kane in Game 6 of 2010 against the Flyers.

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About that Combine…Here’s What I Really Want to Know

MATTHIAS CLAMER/ESPN THE MAGAZINE Left to right: Cleveland Browns running back Trent Richardson, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch pose as Run-DMC.

In Roxanna Firehall’s Tuesday post, one of his Two Cents was the following line:

Every year I think I’m getting excited about the combine.  Every year I’m wrong.

Besides being an awesome line, it’s one I expect resonates with many of us. If they had a cheerleader combine it might be different for the guys at least. But I have to confess that, despite my need to start my research for my Best-Looking Player Available mock drafts, I haven’t paid any attention to it at all. I prefer to let them get it over with, sort everyone out, and then I’ll go shopping.

But the Steelers’ junior reporter Xiah Zepeda actually managed to catch my attention with a video of him running some of the drills, with commentary voiceover from Mike Mayock. It’s pretty funny. Check it out here, as it doesn’t appear to be embeddable.

I’m curious how coaches really feel about the combine. Steelers GM Kevin Colbert has always said that by this point in the process the combine is just a confirmation (or lack thereof) of how they feel about a player. What I would really love, though, would be to sit in on the interviews. Read more

The Bye Week Pro Bowl: Insights ‘n At

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The Bye Week is almost over. Officially, it is over, but it won’t really be over until the game begins this Sunday.

The Steelers have been back at the Southside facility since Monday, and I’m guessing that, unlike a week ago, the practice has not featured a DJ, player introductions, or radio-controlled cars.

Click here if you have no idea what I’m talking about. The relevant portion begins right around the 1 minute mark. My favorite part? Craig Wolfley talking about how Chuck Noll would feel about this.

The Steelers may be back into full practice mode, but the rest of us are likely still, well, resting. As a result, I’ve axed this week’s AFC North Stats ‘N At, being as not only the Steelers but the Browns were off. Last Sunday’s stats for the Ravens and Bengals will be in next week’s post, never fear. And this week’s opponent preview will air tomorrow. But for today I’m once again going to let you all do the heavy lifting.

At the end of the article you have the opportunity to vote for your favorites, and we will declare the champion afterwards. The numbering is strictly reverse chronological.

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Mrs. Strangelove, Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying about Statistics and Love the Steelers


Last week I published the finale to a series detailing the 2013 AFC North draft and the results thereof. I freely admit that “detailing” is an apt description of the series. The following comment was left by the person also known as “Earthling:”

So….what are your overall conclusions, Rebecca? I’ll admit I normally would never read this kind of grading assessment (or assessment of grading?) except that this one had your name attached. Do you agree that drafting is a crapshoot? Were you hoping to see something in particular in relation to the Steelers or any of the other teams? Did you have an idea you were hoping to see confirmed or the opposite? And while I’m asking questions, I assume you enjoy doing things like this and I’m curious about that as well. 

So many things about other forms of fandom puzzle me. Sometimes I’m a bit appalled, other times just interested in what would never occur to me. Is a study like this just a way to look more closely at the whole process? What did you enjoy about it? Does it change your view of….well, of anything?  Read more