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On Second Thought: Steelers @ Chiefs

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Usually after a win like Sunday’s beatdown of the Chiefs everybody is lined up with game recaps, grades, and so on . But Ivan Cole is a DNP for the last two weeks with carpal tunnel and Homer is off gadding about, so you’re just going to have to put up with me this week.

In my first effusions over the game I pretty much skipped over the less perfect aspects of it, and honestly I think this is appropriate in many ways. Part of the excitement of a live performance, whether given by a rock band, a professional chamber choir such as I conducted for many years, a symphony orchestra, a production of Hamlet, or, yes, a football game, is that anything can happen at any given moment, and a great many of the things which can happen are, shall we say, less than optimal.

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Steelers @ Chiefs: the Acceptable, the Objectionable, and the Appalling

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This post should really be called The Return of the Native, or some equally classy literary name, because the big news is:

  • 1: The Chiefs are no longer undefeated.
  • 2: James Harrison is BACCKK!

It is possible that No. 2 had something to do with No. 1.

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On Second Thought: Homer’s Game Notes and Grades

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As I noted in yesterday’s post, nobody is in a big rush to write up an embarrassing loss. But Homer J bit the bullet, and here are his thoughts:

Last week we beat the jagoffs, now we have to beat the Jaguars. No hat again for Deebo. Maybe he should change uniform numbers to 37. We still don’t know who these teams are, from week to week, but this will be a step towards defining the Steelers. (In retrospect we can only hope this was a non-defining anomaly…)

Steelers kick off. Touchback. (I’m warning you, reader, there’s not a lot more good news. Most of it came in the early going, such as this:)

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Jaguars @ Steelers: Just One of Those Days

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It’s official. Cato the Lucky Steelers Cat and I are not on speaking terms. He’s sitting on the chair across from me, back defiantly turned, ears slightly back, awaiting recriminations. It’s my contention that because he couldn’t be bothered to show up for the game until early in the fourth quarter, the Steelers lost. It’s his contention that until the Steelers offense shows up for games, there isn’t much he can do.

And you know what—he has a point.

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Steelers/Ravens—Be Still My Beating Heart…

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So far this season I have set my TV thingy to record the game before I go to church. I’m usually out of church by 12:30, so I run some errands, come home, have a leisurely lunch, and then start to watch the game after an hour and a half or so has elapsed. This allows me to fast-forward through the commercials and generally makes for a more wholistic view of the game, you might say.

But this is Ravens week, and I can’t manage to fill the space. So I watched the game in real time, suffering through the commercials like everyone else, and experienced it as it was meant to be seen—in bits and pieces. Does this make sense to you? Not to me either. Here’s what I saw:

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Ivan’s Second (Third?) Thoughts on Week 3


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By Ivan Cole

I really didn’t want to say anything about this week because my thoughts were complex, veered into larger issues and might have stepped on some toes (and besides I was busy with other things on Monday). But now believe I can stimulate some thinking that isn’t just playing into the negativity that has been inevitable with the confluence of political controversy, married to laying an egg competitively.

About the game

I resist taking the easy route and suggest strangling the offensive coordinator. I would ask a larger and more intriguing question: after week three is anyone certain who is good and who isn’t in the NFL?

I have been talking about September football. Robert Klemko of tackled how the CBA has contributed not only to the inconsistent, and just plain bad football we are subjected to early in the season, but how it has negatively influenced personnel practices that adversely effects the mid-career prospects of all but a handful of superstar level talents in the league in favor of emphasizing young, cheap, inexperienced players.

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