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Chuck Noll Foundation for Brain Injury Research to Open in Pittsburgh

art-rooney-iiThis site isn’t, I trust, your first stop for breaking news, because you’re bound to be disappointed, except perhaps on April 1st, when we often carry stories no one else has. And there is a pretty good reason for that, too.

And this is scarcely a breaking news story either, because the Steelers announced it late yesterday morning. But I’m going to comment on it anyhow, because it is just one instance of the many reasons I love being a Steeler fan. Read more

Happy Halloween…And Happy End of Bye Week

img_0527Until we have some actual Steelers-related things upon which to report, I’m just going to throw a few scary thoughts out there from the Week 8 games.

1. The Raiders set a record for the most penalty yards in a game, losing 200 of them, as well as additional declined penalties. And they still won. Derek Carr set a franchise record with over 500 yards, 4 touchdowns, no interceptions, tying him with one Ben Roethlisberger…

2. The Bengals were part of the second tie in the span of slightly under a week. This particular tie took place in London, so perhaps it doesn’t fully count, but considering how rare ties are, that’s kind of weird. Their record is now 3-4-1.
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Breaking News: Steelers Cut Kicker Chris Boswell, Retain Suisham


As most of you who frequent this site know, I’m a big Shaun Suisham fan, and consequently was very conflicted about the upcoming kicker situation.

There is, after all, no getting around the fact that Chris Boswell, who appears to have ice water in his veins, kicked very well. Nor can one deny that he’s younger and cheaper than Suisham. Furthermore, he, like Suisham, appears to be a very solid human being, something which matters a lot to me.

Consequently I was viewing the coming camp battle between the two with distinctly mixed emotions. Neither man has done anything so far to deserve to lose the job, but somebody has to. The assumption was, though, that this decision would be made in August.

Recent events indicate that there is more to the situation than meets the eye. Two days ago Mike Tomlin kicked the tires, if you will, on yet another kicker, Roberto Aguayo. Tomlin was at the Florida State Pro Day on Tuesday, and attempted to ice Aguayo, as reported by ESPN: Read more