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Ravens vs Steelers: Sober Observations

By Ivan Cole

At what point is it appropriate to acknowledge a team and their season is special, even magical? Yes, there is the CONFRONTATION this week with the Patriots, as well as the hoped for happy ending in Minnesota. But forgive what might seem like lowering the bar by saying this—there is no way that what has transpired to this point could be viewed anyway other than a triumph of the collective spirit of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

Like the Immaculate Reception, the story of this season deserves to be shared for decades hence as a salute to soaring feats of achievement, dogged determination and resiliency in the face of both competitive challenges and straight up tragedy. If it were easy it would be a more unambiguously pleasant experience, but would lose the true and deep resonance of its impact. This is a spiritual event authored by an organization that has unapologetically embraced the spiritual—they hold training camp at a monastery.

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Steelers reach into their pocketful of miracles to win eighth straight,  so that they can give the game ball to Ryan Shazier

Photo via

By Homer J.

As per usual, heavily edit (and occasionally commented-upon) game notes will be followed by Homer’s report card. I’m amazed he had the strength.

The mood was jubilant at first:

LET’S WIN THIS ONE FOR RYAN! If emotion can win football games, the Steelers will win this one by fifty. But a defense without Shazier and Haden is suspect, to say the least. It’s Sunday Night Football, and the best rivalry in the NFL. Let’s get started….

Rosie Nix plants Chris Moore on the opening kickoff at the BAL 17…and then…

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Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 Third Quarter Report

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By Ivan Cole

Over the last several years it has been the intent of these quarterly reports to allow for taking a quick breath and giving an interim evaluation of the Steelers as they navigate the season—both the successes and failures experienced as well as the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Occasionally, circumstances are such that a view to a more expansive landscape becomes both possible and appropriate. I believe this is one of those times.

So, I invite you to consider a somewhat broader, nonlinear evaluation of where Pittsburgh stands as they transition into the fourth quarter of this season.

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Packers @ Steelers—Something for Everyone

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By Ivan Cole…in which Ivan gives the best description of being a Steeler fan I’ve ever read.

Rebecca raises the question ‘Are you entertained?’, and the definitive answer is yes. But let’s delve deeper.

Obviously, for all but the most masochistic of Steelers fans, you don’t need this kind of entertainment. If you were wondering what it might be like to devoured by a tiger while the incident was being taped on YouTube, this was pretty close. You know that the video will certainly go viral, but the next few moments are really going to suck. There was a happy ending, but like some of the best amusement park rides (thrills and chills) there was a lot screaming, cursing, vomiting and petitions to God along the way. Read more

Packers @ Steelers: Homer J’s Patented Game Recap and Report Card

Photo via I think a lot of us felt the way Shazier’s face looks…

As usual my comments will be in italics… Ed.


It’s a beautiful night for football in the City of Champions. All of downtown is lit up for Christmas. The Hall of Famers are there. It’s the nationally televised Sunday Night Football Super-Extravaganza. What could possibly go wrong?  Well, all of us, including the Yinzer Cult of Doom, know all too well. So buckle up your seatbelt and let’s see where this ride will take us…….

No Juju. No Gilbert. No VanceMac. You forgot “No Haden.” No problem??? We’ll see.

No Aaron Rodgers. No Clay Matthews. Hmm. Welcome to “The Replacements.” This is the time of the year when the bottom half of the roster becomes all-important.

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Packers @ Steelers: Are You Not Entertained?

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The answer to the question posed in the title depends, I suppose, upon how strong your heart is. I’m guessing this was a highly entertaining game to watch for anyone who didn’t have a dog in the fight. (Actually, I’m guessing most unaffiliated viewers were rooting for Green Bay because, you know, underdog, backup QB, Aaron Rodgers blue eyes and friendly insurance commercials and so on.) For us Steeler fans it was the usual coronary-in-waiting. Although I’m guessing that Steeler fans actually have stronger-than-average hearts, because if they don’t they don’t survive.

And let’s just get this out of the way before the Yinzer Cult of Doom, as Homer would have it, gets started—how often do you win a game with a minus 3 turnover ratio? I would have to look that up, and I’m not sure how. But my guess is, not very often. I know for sure that’s the case with the Steelers, for quite a while. If they win the turnover battle, they usually win the game. And vice versa. Read more

Steelers Gratitude

By Ivan Cole, for whom Rebecca is very thankful. And speaking of thankful, I am thankful our players take time and spend their own money to help those less fortunate, as they did last week. They handed out a ton of food—all the fixings, including a turkey apiece.

This is the season for being thankful for life’s blessings. So, what are the blessings that Steeler Nation can point to in 2017?


The Nation is a notoriously bottom-line group. In this sense anything short of a victory in the Super Bowl seems a disappointment, and almost a waste of time. But let us give some respect to the journey as well. This is the best start since Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season in 2004. And that is just the beginning of the good news. Read more

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