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Mocking the Draft Part 3: Finishing the Round 1 Prospects


Almost everyone seems almost convinced that, despite their recent history of passing up DBs in the first and second round, at least, the Steelers will take a defensive back in the first round. (The last time they did so, they traded up for Troy Polamalu in 2003. That seems to have worked out okay.)

Although Eli Apple, who has been heavily mocked to the Steelers, has been moving up the board, with some showing him going as soon as No. 15, there are a number of possibilities, including one I didn’t cover, Kendall Fuller.

But it is always possible that the DBs for whom the Steelers have a first-round grade will be gone by No. 25, and that being the case, let’s look at a couple of other players I’ve seen mocked¬†to the Steelers. Read more