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Random Post-Training Camp Observations: The Lombardi in August


Charles LeClaire photo

by Ivan Cole

Some of us Steelers Nation folk who live in the Washington DC metro diaspora have found much amusement over the years as we have watched Washington fans celebrate capturing the Vince Lombardi Trophy in March. They have declared all sort of aggressive maneuvers, thus assuring themselves possession of that silver trophy and ignoring certain obvious realities. I would quickly add that followers of other teams do it as well. Many of the chronically clueless of Steelers Nation often lament the fact that Pittsburgh seems relatively uninterested in this sort of exercise.

But before we pat ourselves on the back for our wisdom, we might meditate upon the habit of doing something very similar in July/August. They don’t give out the Lombardi in August either. Or in September for that matter. There are things such as key injuries to concern ourselves about in preseason and the first quarter or so of the regular season, but for me the story doesn’t really begin until sometime around Columbus Day. And there is still plenty of mystery to deal with even then usually. So, while there are interesting issues afoot, forgive my relative lack of angst short of Labor Day.

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A Blast from the Past: RIP 2011 Steelers

Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

Hombre’s epitaph was short and to the point:

As disappointing as the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff loss was, I concur with Dale Lolley that Pittsburgh’s latest loss on the road against the Broncos Mile High represents a microcosm of the Steelers 2011 season. Pittsburgh had all of the elements of greatness, but just couldn’t muster them at the right time.

So be it.

Both of the linked articles are good reads, if a bit depressing.

Hombre continued:

The Steelers face a lot of tough decisions in the off season, and there’s no better way to get the debate surrounding those decisions started than with the 2011 season’s final Five Burning Questions “Down But Not Defeated” Edition.

This question was interesting, since we know the end of the story: Read more

A Blast from the Past: A Bitter Pill

via newok.com Here’s what Ben’s ankle looked like the previous week…

After the double whammy of two AFC North games within four days of each other the Steelers were understandably battered and bruised, none more so than Ben Roethlisberger. He was sporting not only the Giant Shoe of Death (in which he, inexplicably, often plays well) but the Massively Taped Ankle of High-Sprainedness. I don’t know whether he generally plays well with a high ankle sprain (I’m guessing not) but he certainly didn’t in this particular case. Yes, I’m referring to The Embarrassment at Candlestick Park.

The game was not just an embarrassment for the Steelers. The power went out at least twice, making for major delays—something which probably wasn’t helpful, as it gave time for the pain shots to wear off and the affected muscles to get cold and harden up. Read more

Better Living Through Chemistry, or, Are There Any Solutions in Sight for Concussions?

via CBS Sports/ Case Keenum after taking shot to the head

The subject of head trauma has fascinated and disturbed me ever since the evidence first began making its way into the public consciousness several years ago. At that time I wrote an article for Behind the Steel Curtain on the subject, and one of the comments, from none other than Steeler Fever, went like this:

I had a 69 GMC pickup in which I got rear ended. It didn’t do much damage to my truck but it knocked the heck out of me. Later on I learned about how modern vehicles have crumple zone that absorb the shock of a collision and lessen the impact on the the individuals in the automobile.

I wonder if anyone has looked at some kind of crumple material/structure for a football helmet?

I doubt such a helmet would last an entire season and might have to be replaced often. Just brainstorming.

As it turned out, fever was onto something. A few days later I received an email from someone at Autoweek Magazine touting an article about a helmet design. I dutifully clicked on the link, and what I found was pretty interesting.

The designer in question is named Bill Simpson, a former race driver and “motorsports safety innovator.” He happened to meet the Colts’ offensive coordinator, Tom Moore, who gave Simpson tickets to a game. While Simpson was at the game, Austin Collie was concussed. Simpson asked Moore if this was a freak accident. He was astonished to find it was a normal occurrence.

Simpson acquired some NFL helmets to test, and after looking at the three different kinds then in use, Simpson set out to design his own. Simpson had long been designing helmets for racers, including Chip Ganassi, who credited a Simpson helmet for saving his life in a crash in the mid-80s. Read more

Travels With Charlie

The Good Guys – the Quarterbacks, part 2.

(1). Charlie Batch & Ben Roethlisberger.

There is nothing better than a redemption story. Whether fact or fiction, a tale of redemption often features a wise man, the voice of experience, who guides the wayward one down the road towards salvation.  Such is the saga of Big Ben’s travels with Charlie.

Ben Roethlisberger came to the Pittsburgh Steelers as their first round draft choice in 2004. In his rookie season, he was the third quarterback behind Tommy Maddox and Charlie Batch. Due to injuries, his chance to start came early, in just his second game. He has been the starter ever since.

Benny went 14-0 through the regular season and playoffs, finally losing to the eventual Super Bowl winning Pats in the AFC title game.

The Steelers, lead by Ben, won the Super Bowl the following year, defeating Seahawks. Since this fairy tale start, he’s been to two more Super Bowls, winning a second Lombardi trophy in SB XLIII.

Steeler Nation is unanimous on precious few topics. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say Steeler Nation knows BB is a great QB. Yes, KNOWS and yes, GREAT. Can you hear me Simms, Al, Boomer, Terry, JB, Collingsworth? Collingsworth, pay attention! GREAT. I swear, when the TV analysts discuss top QBs, they find “Roethlisberger” impossible to pronounce. Read more