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5 Smoldering Questions: the 2016 Finale

mike-tomlin-and-kevin-colbert-1by Hombre de Acero

The 2016 NFL seasons has come to its end and, as much as we might not like it, the New England Patriots are 5-time Super Bowl Champions. Many if not most Steelers sites have long since shut the book on the Steelers 2016 campaign, but in keeping with this site’s commitment to offer an introspective view of the Steelers, we take one last Smoldering look at 2016 before shifting to the off season and free agency.

1. Shortly after our last edition of the 5 Smolderings, I was commiserating with a Dallas Cowboy fan who observed this:

“As much of a disappointment it is to lose in a Championship Game, it still can’t replicate the pain of that Divisional Round loss after twice tying the game in the 4th quarter; it’s still going to take a long while until I am over that game.”

The Steelers have had their share of heartbreaking AFC Championship game losses. Would it have been easier for you as a fan to swallow this loss had it gone down to the wire? More importantly, do you think the lopsided nature of the loss will have negative repercussions moving forward?

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5 Smoldering Questions: Post-Browns Pre-Playoffs Edition


via Steelers.com

by Hombre de Acero

Who said Mike Tomlin teams can’t stack wins? The Steelers win over the Browns gave Pittsburgh its 7 straight victory and it came in dramatic fashion as the Steelers backups lead a 4th quarter comeback and then won it in overtime. 

The Steelers of course will host the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Wild Card game at 1:00 pm on Sunday. But before we can get post season pickings, here are 5 Smoldering Questions on the Steelers which this corner of Steelers Nation must resolve. Read more

Close, But No Cigar: Cowboys at Steelers

via Steelers.com

via Steelers.com

Well, one good thing about today’s game is that at least my brother is happy. It isn’t the only good thing about today’s game. But in the end close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

And it was ever so close until the last 15 seconds. Even then, had all the two point conversions been good instead of none of them and had Chris Boswell managed to make the 55 yard field goal the Steelers would most likely have won anyhow. (You can’t assume that everything in the game would have gone exactly as it did had the margin been different. And of course it would have been tied at the end had the Cowboys converted their own try.)

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