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A Long Comment on the Steelers’ 2016 Offense

via Steelers.com

Today’s article, Setting the Bar Higher etc.elicited the following comment from the faithful Cold Old Steelers Fan:

I suspect that loses of Bryant, Bell and now. potentially, Green may be enough to cripple the Steelers goals of 5 and 30. I am also a little bit concerned about the lack of Ben the last few practices. Hopefully what ever is happening in his life can be resolved in a positive manner or that it is a just an over cautious approach by the coaching staff to keep Ben healthy.

I started to write a longer-than-usual comment, but decided it was worth an extra post. This is in part because I discovered what COSF was alluding to in re Green—that he’s thinking of retiring, according to the usual unnamed sources in the organization. Apparently Green had two concussions close together last September, and it is headaches, not the ankle, which is keeping him out of practice.

And if that is the case he should definitely retire, because there’s no sense in messing around with head injuries. Literally. He’s what, 26 or 27? Do you want to risk the rest of your life for the chance to play a few more years of football?

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