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Why I Still Love Football – and the Steelers

james conner

Jarrad Henderson, USA TODAY Sports

A week and a half ago I wrote one of my patented Momma’s Mock Drafts I was out of town from the Monday through Wednesday before the draft, so I wrote a post encompassing Rounds 4-7, planning to then publish Rounds 1-3 on Thursday.

Strangely, I returned to discover no trace of my Round 4-7 post, and had to incorporate what I could remember into a 7-round draft on Thursday. One of the problems with this was that I had such a great ending for the Monday post. It didn’t fit in the middle of a 7-round draft, though, so I axed that part of it, with the intention of expanding upon the idea. Read more

Character (Ac)Counts: Steelers Wide Receiver David Nelson

from David Nelson’s Twitter feed

I have to publish this quickly, because in the turbulent world of NFL training camps Nelson might not be on the roster for long. Not that I have any doubt about his heart, dedication, or abilities, but the reality is, there are an awful lot of guys in the wide receivers room.

So what is so special about Nelson? I had never heard his name before I ran across an ESPN article about him today. I don’t really pay much attention to other teams, being strictly a Steelers homer. (There. I said it!) And even if I did, Nelson hasn’t played a lot in the past few years.

So what is his backstory? Football-wise, at least? Read more