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Giant Relief: The Steelers Prove to be the Contender


via Steelers.com

In the opponent preview for this game I noted that both the Steelers’ last two victories and the Giants’ six-game winning streak were somewhat suspect because of the quality of the opponents, and that consequently this game would serve as a measuring rod for both teams. Well, the results are in, and the Steelers sure looked like contenders yesterday at Heinz Field.

There were a number of encouraging signs on both sides of the ball. Let’s begin with the defense, which has been the big unknown this season.

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They Might Be Giants: The Steelers Week 13 Opponent Preview


Of the Steelers’ remaining opponents,  the team with the best record is the 8-3 New York Giants. Fortunately for the Steelers, the Giants are coming to Heinz Field, although two road wins in a row, the second on a very short week, does make that seem slightly less important. But only slightly.

The question which comes first to my mind at least is, are the Giants as good as their record? Let’s take a look and see what we see.

One knock against the Giants is their schedule. As I’ve said several times in the past few weeks, you can only play the teams on your schedule. But it is fair to question how much weight to give the Steelers’ wins against a team which hasn’t won a game in almost a year (the Browns’ last win was December 13th of 2015) and against a backup quarterback and otherwise banged-up Colts team. Read more