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5 Smoldering Questions: The Post-Dallas Pre-Browns Edition

Pittsburgh Post Gazette/Don Wright photo

by Hombre de Acero

Clearly a 4 and 5 record after nine games in with a four game losing streak still in progress was not in the plan. The Steelers are reeling after a heart breaker vs. the Dallas Cowboys. This week brings the Cleveland Browns, and we’ll see just how much road rust Ben Roethlisberger has. But before we get to that, this corner of Steelers Nation must resolve these 5 Smoldering Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

1. After the game, Dale Lolley suggested that the Steelers may have finally hit rock bottom. Do you feel that will be the case, or do you fear that thing will continue to get worse before they get better?

2. Much has been made of Ben Roethlisberger’s assertion that the Steelers need more accountability and more discipline. Much has also been made of the report that he communicated similar feelings to Mike Tomlin prior to practicing last week. Do you smell dissension in the ranks?

3. Ezekiel Elliot is clearly the real deal—a player who could breathe new life into the rapidly antiquating concept of “Franchise Running Back.” Nonetheless, he ran for three touchdowns, one in the air and two on the ground, while scarcely being touched by a Steelers defender.

When that happens, something is clearly amiss with a defense.

Does the root of the issue lie in the coaching or the personnel?

4. The Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown fake spike turned touchdown appeared to be just the sucker punch the Steelers needed. However, we know what happened next. Do you think it was a mistake to call that play or should the Steelers have run more time off the clock?

5. Be honest. When you learned that Cam Heyward was lost for the season, weren’t you tempted to go “Game Over!” Bill Paxton style? (Language warning in the video which follows…)


Seriously, take a moment to assess the impact of Cameron Heyward’s loss. If there is anyone out there who manages to salvage a silver lining, your optimism will be greatly appreciated. Do share it!

There you go folks, have at it!