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5 Smoldering Questions on the Steelers’ Free Agency

IMG_1724by Hombre de Acero

With NFL Free Agency about to begin its third week the 2017 off season is fully underway. And for the Steelers it’s business as usual, greatly to the chagrin of much of the franchise’s fan base. Nonetheless, there’s been enough activity thus far to give this corner of Steelers Nation 5 Smoldering Questions to struggle with before our focus firmly shifts to the 2017 NFL Draft. Read more

Relationships: A Secret of Excellence


via mlb.com—Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert with Pirates stadium announcer Robby Incmikowski

by Ivan Cole

As I am getting back up to speed on the 2016 season, an interview of Mike Tomlin catches my attention.

He and GM Kevin Colbert were in Florida on football business but, as is the case every year, they had dropped by Bradenton to visit the training camp of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

I am not privy to what happens in every town with multiple professional sports teams, but based upon what I know about four municipalities, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City, the interaction and support among the three major teams, Penguins, Pirates and Steelers, their team leadership and management, players and fans is different, even peculiar in a very positive way.

Tomlin and Pirates manager Clint Hurdle appear to be genuinely close. Tomlin describes Hurdle as ‘friend and mentor’. Players from the three teams openly root for each other, especially during the ‘prime time’ of the run up to playoffs (spring – Pens, fall – Bucs, winter – Steelers). Currently, Steelers and Pirates players are prominently in attendance at Penguins playoff games. Pens players will return the favor at the appropriate times. There are Steelers fans that don’t care one bit about the Pirates or Pens, but in my experience it is rare that those who either reside in the Pittsburgh area or have deep roots there don’t support all three teams.

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“The Standard is the Standard”—a Foreshadowing of Mike Tomlin’s 2015 Season

via Steelers.com

One of the things which was so impressive about the coaching job Mike Tomlin did, at least for those who were noticing, was how he managed to not only SAY things like “The Standard is the Standard” but actually get the team to believe it and play like it.

No, Landry Jones did not play like Ben Roethlisberger, mostly. Oh, he made a few really nice throws and a few boneheaded interceptions, which had a familiar feel, but it wasn’t like having Roethlisberger on the field, other than on a hellishly bad day for Ben. Which is only to be expected, because he is, after all, a backup quarterback, a fourth-round pick who had never thrown a pass in an NFL game until coming on the field in relief of an injured Michael Vick.

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