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Backing Into Week 18: Browns @ Steelers


via Steelers.com

“We fight hard. We don’t fight smart all the time, but we fight hard.”

Browns’ head coach Hue Jackson spoke those words early in his press conference, and the Browns did indeed fight hard—very hard—as the Steelers took a while to wake up, and just barely managed to do so in time. As commentator Rich Eisen said after half-time, “One team looks like it want to be here. One team looks like it wants to be in the locker room, or at home.”

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Meet the Newest Steeler: OT Ryan Harris

via denverbroncos.com/ Just think how much handsomer he will look with a black and gold background…

This season’s post-Super Bowl period has been quite busy for the Steelers, relatively speaking. They managed to re-sign a number of their own free agents, which was expected, but what wasn’t was the signing of tight end Ladarius Green as soon as free agency opened.

Of course, the news about Martavis Bryant’s suspension which hit the wires not too long afterwards made it evident why they were so keen to find a replacement for, ostensibly, Heath Miller. But when you look at Green’s blazing 40 time and relatively trim size for a tight end, it begins to look as if they were looking to replace Bryant more than Miller.

Another surprise, although I suppose it shouldn’t have been, was the search for an offensive tackle. From information which is now leaking out it looks as if the Steelers offered Kelvin Beachum a substantial contract last season which he chose to refuse, and ironically it sounds as if it was pretty equivalent to the one he signed with the Jaguars.  Read more