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A Blast from the Past: Sixth Round, Part 1

imageI recently began a series looking at the picks from the drafts we can reasonably begin to evaluate—2010 through 2013. The earlier posts will be linked at the end of the article if you missed them.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect to me is the enthusiasm (or lack thereof) with which the players were greeted at the time they were drafted compared to how well they have actually done in the NFL. It’s probably not true, but there almost seems to be an inverse relationship between the two. And it is certainly true that many of us subconsciously expect each and every draftee to make a significant contribution, when the reality is almost certainly different.

The Steelers chose two players in the sixth round in 2010—RB Jonathan Dwyer with their normal pick, at No. 188, and WR Antonio Brown with an extra pick, at No. 195.

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