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Blast from the Past: Seventh Round Part 2

photo from Steelers.com

In Saturday’s post I covered the seventh round picks from 2010 and 2011. Here’s 2012 and 2013.

Bill Barnwell’s recent offseason grades for the AFC North discussed the Browns’ 2016 draft. Numerous trades throughout the draft combined with the first-round trade resulted in the Browns an obscene number of picks in this draft. (They will also have quite a few extra picks in the next two years.) Barnwell commented:

I’ve written about Cleveland’s strategy at length, both in regards to the Carson Wentz trade and its series of trades during the draft. The Browns rightly believe that teams are overconfident when it comes to scouting and identifying talent and thus quantity of draft picks is more important than quality. They also see future draft picks as an undervalued asset class.

The cumulative return they got for their moves, then, was pretty staggering. Even after making the Wentz deal before the draft, they traded down four times during the draft weekend, taking advantage of teams that felt like they were smarter than the rest of the league. Five times! They ended up making 14 selections, including eight picks across the fourth and fifth rounds, and have a staggering amount of capital set up in the years to come.

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Meet the Newest Steeler: OT Ryan Harris

via denverbroncos.com/ Just think how much handsomer he will look with a black and gold background…

This season’s post-Super Bowl period has been quite busy for the Steelers, relatively speaking. They managed to re-sign a number of their own free agents, which was expected, but what wasn’t was the signing of tight end Ladarius Green as soon as free agency opened.

Of course, the news about Martavis Bryant’s suspension which hit the wires not too long afterwards made it evident why they were so keen to find a replacement for, ostensibly, Heath Miller. But when you look at Green’s blazing 40 time and relatively trim size for a tight end, it begins to look as if they were looking to replace Bryant more than Miller.

Another surprise, although I suppose it shouldn’t have been, was the search for an offensive tackle. From information which is now leaking out it looks as if the Steelers offered Kelvin Beachum a substantial contract last season which he chose to refuse, and ironically it sounds as if it was pretty equivalent to the one he signed with the Jaguars.  Read more

5 Smoldering Questions: Free Agency Edition

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by Hombre de Acero

The Steelers are in their second week of free agency, yet already the South Side has seen a whirlwind of action as Steelers Nation doesn’t know whether its saying bye or saying hello…. While Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin have many more chess pieces to move before it is all over, enough of the board has been set for 2016 for Going Deep Steelers to pose 5 Smoldering Questions on Free Agency and the Steelers 2016 Off Season thus far.

1. If there was ever a spot in Steelers Nation that appreciated Heath Miller’s contribution to the Pittsburgh Steelers it was this site. Numbers might never do Miller justice as a player, but perhaps they can reveal what he meant to the Steelers:

Heath Miller Stats vs. Rest of Steelers

The graphic at left ranks Heath Miller’s performances vs. the rest of the players during his time with the Steelers who got over 100 targets. As you can see, only Le’Veon Bell has a better targets-to-catch ratio. Heath Miller was a close to a sure catch as you can get in the NFL.
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Things Bigger Than Football: Community Service


Associated Press/Ken Srakocic

As I noted in an earlier article, Things Bigger Than Football: The Younger Rooneys:

In addition to the various events they chair and their own private charities, the “Steelers in the Community” page on Steelers.com lists 39 different charities with which the team, coaches, and/or players are involved.

Just by way of comparison I decided to check out a couple of other team websites and see what they list in their equivalent section. The New York Jets list five, including Play60, which all the teams have to be involved with. The Kansas City Chiefs list seven.  I looked at several other teams at random, and didn’t find any team that is involved in more than seven or eight community outreaches or initiatives. Some teams were listing individual visits by players to a school. If we go by this metric, what does that mean about Troy Polamalu’s weekly visits to Children’s Hospital during his entire career? Or any number of the other quiet ways members of the organization go about giving back to the community?

…As we move from the top to the lower levels of the organization, is it surprising that we see the same spirit infusing the whole?

The multitude of ways the team participates in community initiatives is listed hereBut today let’s focus on “the same spirit” infusing other parts of the organization. Read more

The Pittsburgh Steelers All ‘Bust’ Team: Offense

via helmet2helmet.com

by Ivan Cole 

Roxanna Firehall’s “All Good Guys” team has been a source of inspiration for another category of all-time team. This is one person’s view of at least some of the most prominent ‘busts’ in team history. First, some ground rules.

‘Bust’ vs. Bust

This is not a listing of real busts. You won’t be finding Alonzo Jackson or Limas Sweed listed here. That would be boring and frankly, depressing and not a little bit negative. No, the ‘Bust’ team is a listing of players who were written off by the fans, media or even some within the Steelers organization itself. Each went on to enjoy a level of success playing the game. There are a few other practical parameters that I will be observing.

To make this list a player has to meet one or more of the following criteria—be declared a failure before ever putting on a uniform or playing in a game, take longer to develop than deemed appropriate, be dismissed as being too fragile, rejected over personal conduct issues or declared washed up prematurely.

A bias will be given to the Super Bowl era, and the latter portion of that time at that. Not only does that allow for a more inclusive conversation where multiple generations of fans can weigh in, but also the presence of social media and multiple media outlets allows us a better picture of what the evolving input on players has been.

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At The Half: The 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers

via kimbell411

by Ivan Cole


This is the elephant in the room, not only for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season, but for the NFL always. Whenever I engage in projecting what the team is capable of doing going forward, there is always the nod to humility, the ‘Lord willing, knock-on-wood’ homage to the fact of injuries rendering our hopes and dreams, plans, preparations and predictions null and void.

We have been carefully conditioned to demure when this pachyderm starts stomping around the room breaking furniture. It is considered cowardly and unseemly to speak of such things. Wimpy excuse making, right? If you are in anyway connected to the game as a player, coach, team official or ‘partner’ what else are you going to say? Clearly they don’t have a clue as how the injuries could be prevented or minimized. They’ve been trying. Bobby Mitchell, retired from the Washington franchise, was once quoted as saying that observing from the sidelines, he is surprised that the players are able to get up after every play, the level of violence being that intense. Read more

Coaching Accounts: OL Mike Munchak and DC Keith Butler

via Steelers.com

I started to title this post “Two Methods, One Result,” because the interest to me is the very different way the two coaches seem to be approaching their task. Two items which appeared last Friday got me thinking along these lines. The first was a full article on Offensive Line coach Mike Munchak by Tribune-Review writer Mark Kaboly.

After noting that the offensive line has had four coaches in six years, and that the offensive line was mostly downright bad, Kaboly wrote:

That’s not the case anymore, and the Steelers have Mike Munchak to thank.

 “He’s been awesome,” guard David DeCastro said. “It is just a great atmosphere. We are very loose but very focused at the same time. But first and foremost, he knows what he is doing.”…

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