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Not Quite Perfect: Dolphins @ Steelers


Via Steelers.com

By Ivan Cole

“You see, it was just like in the movies. I mean, it actually happened just like this… –Luther Vandross

In our most fanciful imaginings we see the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Killer Bs, (Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown) running roughshod over some hapless, helpless defense, doing whatever they want, perfectly.

But in real life it yields to a less perfect reality, seeming to be a made-up fantasy. Sunday’s Wild Card game against the Miami Dolphins wasn’t exactly perfect, but then again, how could it even be perfect if Steeler Nation didn’t have something to worry or complain about in the aftermath? It was close though.

It actually happened just like this…

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Breaking Records and Quarterbacks: Dolphins @ Steelers


via Steelers.com

What a game it was! There were the amazing highs of two touchdown passes to AB in the first quarter—which gave Antonio Brown the most yards in a quarter for any receiver since 1969, for any team. It also absolutely obliterated his 59 yards from scrimmage for the entire game against Miami in Week 6.

There were the lows (or sort of lows, as the game felt so much in hand by the time they happened) of Ben’s two interceptions. Considering that his first 10 throws were completions and that he had broken an NFL record with two 50+ yard TD passes in the first quarter, the interceptions were a rude shock. As for the second one, he never should have thrown the ball in the first place. Just take the sack and move on. But Ben will never pull a Peyton Manning-style fetal position sack concession. Maybe he should try it. Read more

No Longer a Scenario: Dolphins @ Steelers


Matt Freed, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

I began the opponent preview last week, when I was pretty sure the Dolphins were going to be visiting the Steelers. You can read Part 1 here. It deals primarily with the Dolphins’ offense vs. the Steelers defense. Today I will cover the Miami defense.

Back in Week 6 the Dolphins kept what should have been at least a good offensive showing from the Steelers in check. The Steelers’ D may have given up 30 points, and obviously this is not optimal, but the stated goal of the Steelers’ offense before the season began was 30 points per game, and had they managed that (something they did regrettably infrequently all season) they would have at least forced overtime.

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5 Smoldering Questions: Post-Browns Pre-Playoffs Edition


via Steelers.com

by Hombre de Acero

Who said Mike Tomlin teams can’t stack wins? The Steelers win over the Browns gave Pittsburgh its 7 straight victory and it came in dramatic fashion as the Steelers backups lead a 4th quarter comeback and then won it in overtime. 

The Steelers of course will host the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Wild Card game at 1:00 pm on Sunday. But before we can get post season pickings, here are 5 Smoldering Questions on the Steelers which this corner of Steelers Nation must resolve. Read more

Playoff Scenario No. 1: Dolphins @ Steelers

img_0589Since the Steelers have already played most of the teams they could conceivably play in the postseason, I thought it would be interesting to look at the 2016 game against that team and see how the team is doing now. After all, the Steelers aren’t the only team in the league to have improved markedly.  Read more

Steelers’ Opponent Preview: The Miami Dophins

img_0466The last time the Steelers played the Dolphins was at Heinz Field. The game tickets were my dear husband’s birthday present to me.

The day was cold—vile, even. The temperature was sufficiently low and the snow sufficiently plenteous that I was wearing a ski bib over various under layers and a lovely Steelers wool poncho over the top of everything. By halftime the poncho (and me, for that matter) was covered in about six inches of snow. Maybe more. It sure seemed like a lot.

You wouldn’t think you would accumulate that much snow at a football game. After all, you should be jumping up on a frequent basis to cheer an impressive play or twirl your towel or celebrate a touchdown. But there seemed to be little to celebrate that long-ago grey day.

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Baseless Speculation about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Second Quarter

img_0465That would be “quarter” as in “quarter of the season.” Ivan Cole did a well-researched and thoughtful series last week about how the Steelers are doing so far. But as we fans know, speculation is more fun than research, although a little bit may be involved.

The schedule for the remaining three games is:

  • Week 6—Steelers at Dolphins
  • Week 7—Patriots at Steelers
  • Week 8—Bye
  • Week 9—Steelers at Ravens

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