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Momma’s Mocks, Round 7

Hang in there, everyone—just a few more hours before something actually football-related begins! (The picture is a screenshot from NFL.com, taken right before I posted this. It will be much closer by the time most of you read this.) I’ll finish up with some 7th round possibilities, drawn mainly from the guys the Steelers took an extra look at. Here goes:

One position that hasn’t been addressed at all in my mocks is a development project for the offensive line. I haven’t checked out the rugby player yet, but I’m really hoping he’ll make the cut. My Welsh son-in-law is obsessed with the idea of seeing American football players play rugby, so at least he can see it the other way around. So let’s begin with him:

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Momma’s Mock Draft, Rounds 2 and 3

img_2692We are getting down to the wire here, and it’s time to make some choices. I gave four for my first round, but this was in large part because I had to cover the two ILBs, which I hadn’t done before. There will be two choices per round for 2 and 3.

In some ways they are interchangeable. There are usually more bargains to be found in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, and naturally if any of the first-round choices were to fall to the second round it would be shocking if the Steelers didn’t snap them up, even in the case of the tight end. Another sort of wild card is that Kevin Colbert just stated in the last few days that they aren’t ruling out drafting a quarterback, even with their first pick.

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Momma’s Mocks No. 1—Setting the Table with some Outliers

photo via Walter Football

As those of you who know my work have long been aware, I make no claims to be an expert draftologist. Actually, I make no claims to be an expert about any aspect of football, so this is scarcely surprising. But since I don’t watch college football, don’t breathlessly follow combine results, or read the projected mock drafts for the following year—DURING THE ACTUAL FOOTBALL SEASON, for heaven’s sakes—I really don’t know much about drafting.

But I hated to miss out on the only fun to be had at this point in the off-season, so many years ago (about 2010 if I recall correctly) I came up with my own metric, BLA, or best-looking player available. While there is a soupçon of evidence for this approach, it isn’t much. But it does make it much more fun to peruse the prospects.

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