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A Blast From the Past: What If?

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Hombre began the November 23rd, 2011 edition of Five Burning Questions this way:

This week’s Five Burning Questions are inspired by the old Marvel Comics “What IF” series…While there is no limit to the “What If” questions one may pose, it occurs to me you can categorize them into three distinct varieties.

The first category of ‘What If’ questions are inspired by events of fate, like ‘What If Phil Luckett doesn’t screw up the overtime coin toss on Thanksgiving day 1998?

Second, you have the ‘What If’ questions that get asked so often that they’re robbed of their potency – such as ‘What If’ the Steelers had selected Dan Marino with the 21st pick in the 1983 NFL Draft?

Third come the ‘What If’s’ that are driven by decisions – conscious decisions made by the individuals that impact the franchise’s fortunes for generations such as, “What IF the Steelers decide not to trade for Jerome Bettis because they know they can get Mike Alslott in 1996.”

After declaring he was going to attempt to ignore the second variety of hypotheticals, he posed five questions, most of which were from the Steelers’ relatively distant past, such as “What If after the Steelers 1989 season, Chuck Noll had retained Tom Moore instead of hiring Joe Walton as offensive coordinator?” Read more

Steelers Opponent Preview: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane (the San Diego Chargers)

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I received the following in my inbox from a friend who is a Bills fan, but at that moment was concerned about his fantasy team:

Philosophical question: would you swap out Percy Harvin (Bills) for Martavis Bryant?

I can sort of argue it either way. Harvin has been a consistent producer each week, some a little low. He’s also experienced and part of the team Bills have built this year.

Bryant, on the other hand, has been out for the first four games and not practiced with Vick I have to assume at any point (limited if yes). But he could be so hungry and talented that no matter who is tossing the ball, he can make it happen.

Both are predicted to produce about 7 fantasy points this weekend as of now.

I’m about 55/45 or 60/40 in favor of keeping Harvin in place. Mostly because Big Ben is out. If he was in, I’d swap Bryant in a second.

I answered my friend’s question, and I’ll post the answer at the end of this article. But one of the points I made had to do with the San Diego defense and my lack of acquaintance with it. Monday night’s results may largely hinge on this question. Read more