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The Case for The Pittsburgh Steelers in 2016: Part 1

by Ivan Cole

Dan Rooney, Mike Tomlin, Kevin Colbert, Art Rooney II

AP photo

In some ways it can be argued that this post is premature. For one thing, as I write this the roster hasn’t been cut to 75 yet, much less the final 53.

However, this year, more than most, the issues which will influence this team’s fate seem pretty straightforward and are unlikely to be significantly affected by personnel decisions involving lower in the depth chart players.

Also, as they say, any battle plan goes out the window once the first shot is fired. Acknowledging such, I am more interested in some level of accuracy as it relates to the broader themes as opposed to the details, and to my thinking, the themes are clear.

Leadership and management

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Developing the Talent: Wide Receivers Coach Richard Mann


via Steelers.com

Richard Mann is an unusual case. He was a longtime well-respected coach who decided, all on his own, to retire from coaching. And unlike some “retired” coaches one can think of who took another job about an hour later, Mann retired in 2009 and wasn’t lured out of retirement until Mike Tomlin came calling in 2013.

Tomlin knew Mann when they were both assistants at Tampa Bay in 2002. The team won the Super Bowl after the end of that season. Mann later moved up assistant head coach in his final year. He had 28 years of NFL coaching experience when he retired.

But as we all know, Mike Tomlin has a winning way about him, and he has managed to keep Mann un-retired for the past three seasons, with no end in sight. And given the quality of the Steelers offense, I’m guessing Mann can stay as long as he wants.

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