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2016 Pittsburgh Steelers First Quarter Report, Part 2


via Steelers Wire/USA Today Sports

by Ivan Cole

In Part 1 Ivan gave a general overview of the team to this point. Here are specifics about each unit.


To be honest, until the fourth game I have found the offense to be something of a disappointment. Considered the strong aspect of the team, the one which was supposed to carry a fragile and still developing defense, too often the opposite appeared to be the case. Citing the Cincinnati game as an example, time and again the offense was handed favorable field position by the defense and special teams but could not seal the deal until late, allowing the Bengals and Washington to hang around longer than should have been the case.

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5 Smoldering Questions: Bengals at Steelers Edition


Gene J. Puskar/AP Photo

As noted last week, Hombre is unavailable for an indefinite amount of time, rather like Ladarius Green. Unlike Green, he can come back before six weeks are up, but may or may not, depending on how his fingers are doing and whether he is still having headaches. Or not, depending on who you ask…

My attempt is not to replace him, because like Heath Miller, you can’t hope to do so. You can only hope to keep things going and throw a few good blocks in the process.

1. Is there a solution to the refereeing issues we’ve been seeing in the past few seasons in particular? Is it full-time referees, like pretty much every other professional sport has, or fines for poor performance? Or do we just have to accept that they are human beings who can’t catch everything?

2. Ben Roethlisberger called Sammie Coates out after the interception last Sunday in which Coates stopped running, allowing Dre Kirkpatrick to get the ball instead. Coates responded with some great catches. Ben did the same thing with Martavis Bryant last season, with similar results. I just read that Sammy Watkins in Buffalo is prone to inconsistent effort as well. Is there something in the mental makeup of tall, quick receivers which causes this, or is this merely coincidence?

3. What was your favorite play (or aspect) of Sunday’s game?

4. Are you concerned that the low sack totals (you could argue that the Steelers don’t have a single one yet) and high yardage given up is going to be inconsistent with winning efforts in the games to come? Do you think it is likely to change for the better?

5. Who is the player who is, for you, the most pleasant surprise so far? Who is the player in whom you are most disappointed?

You know the drill. Show your work, feel free to look at other people’s answers, and be sure to color in the little circles completely with a No. 2 pencil.

Steelers vs. Bengals: Where There’s a D-Will, There’s a Way


I’m going to keep using this picture until DeAngelo stops being the offensive MVP

By Homer J. 

Homer sent a play-by-play, which will appear in italics. I have edited it freely and included commentary when appropriate. He also sent a report card, which will be printed in full. Thanks, Homer!

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Steelers Fall Flat Vs. Eagles

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Training Camp

Eli Rogers: via USA Today Sports

Another week, another depressing report. I will look hard for bright spots, because the score of 17-0, Eagles, tells you the bright spots are not terribly obvious.

I took careful notes, and I could go through them for you, but actually the game can be condensed thusly:

First Half

  • The Good News: No three-and-outs
  • The Bad News: They weren’t necessary for the Eagles’ defense, as they intercepted Jones four times.

Second Half:

  • The Good News: No interceptions from Dustin Vaughan
  • The Bad News: No points from Dustin Vaughan either.

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Training Camp Battles: Wide Receivers


Jason Bridge/USA Today Sports

Links for the other articles in the series can be found at the bottom of the page.

Before last Friday’s game I would have said that the wide receiver situation was entirely straightforward. Antonio Brown is the unquestioned No. 1, and Markus Wheaton is the No. 2, as he’s better on the outside than in the slot anyhow. The No. 3 is Sammie Coates, and the Nos. 4 and 5 are Eli Rogers and Darrius Heyward-Bey, in whichever order.

After Sammie Coates had a seriously disappointing game, has this changed? Actually I don’t think so, unless he continues to struggle in game action. My guess is, like quite a few of the youngsters, he was trying too hard. In camp he makes it look effortless. Obviously, if he can’t translate the stuff he does on the practice field into game action, that’s another story. But he already has a nice track record in admittedly a very small sample size, in not only NFL games but playoff games.

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A Long Comment on the Steelers’ 2016 Offense

via Steelers.com

Today’s article, Setting the Bar Higher etc.elicited the following comment from the faithful Cold Old Steelers Fan:

I suspect that loses of Bryant, Bell and now. potentially, Green may be enough to cripple the Steelers goals of 5 and 30. I am also a little bit concerned about the lack of Ben the last few practices. Hopefully what ever is happening in his life can be resolved in a positive manner or that it is a just an over cautious approach by the coaching staff to keep Ben healthy.

I started to write a longer-than-usual comment, but decided it was worth an extra post. This is in part because I discovered what COSF was alluding to in re Green—that he’s thinking of retiring, according to the usual unnamed sources in the organization. Apparently Green had two concussions close together last September, and it is headaches, not the ankle, which is keeping him out of practice.

And if that is the case he should definitely retire, because there’s no sense in messing around with head injuries. Literally. He’s what, 26 or 27? Do you want to risk the rest of your life for the chance to play a few more years of football?

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Training Camp Diary: Wednesday August 3

Wed August 3I’m not exactly a rookie at this—it certainly isn’t my first training camp rodeo—but the Steelers threw me a curve last Friday, as they didn’t have the traditional training camp roster lists available. I learned from that mistake and made my own, which I duly remembered to print and bring along. Not only did I sort it by number so it’s easier to find out who #whatever is, but I was able to put it into a large old lady font so I could read the information.

I also corrected my mistake from last Friday, in which I arrived too late to get a seat in the shade. I have a livid almost-sunburn to show for that on my shoulders. So today I arrived in time to get a shaded seat, and also remembered the damp towel, because training camp is grueling for all of us…

I was interested to see whether any rookie mistakes were being corrected by the young players. Here’s what I saw:

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