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The Butterfly Effect: Superstition and Sports


Stonn the Invincible, waiting for the season to begin

Ivan Cole and I were talking of this and that as we drove out to camp last Sunday. One of the topics which surfaced was sports superstitions. At the time I filed the idea in the mental Rolodex—an increasingly unreliable storage device—and promptly forgot it, until I saw this article  on the Steelers website.

It is part of Bob Labriola’s “Asked and Answered” series, and the following question was raised by an Alabama Steelers fan:

Bob, I need your help. Back in the 1970s, my grandfather gave me a Terrible Towel for Christmas. I don’t remember the exact year, but my dad always told me it was the first year the Terrible Towels were sold. The problem with mine is that it seems like every time I’ve pulled it out over the last 8-to-10 years, the Steelers have lost, no matter the opponent and how overwhelmingly impossible it seemed they would lose – the 4-12 Oakland Raiders in 2012, anyone? My question is, what can I do to shake the bad mojo out of this Towel so that I can fly it on Sundays without having to feel like it’s my fault the Steelers lose? I KNOW that it’s not really my fault, but being the superstitious former athlete I am, I can’t help but think my Towel is a jinx.

Bob Labriola’s reply: Read more