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Steelers vs. Jets: The Hopalong Cassidy Edition


An oldie but a goodie…

I had heard of Hopalong Cassidy as a child, although I don’t believe I ever saw one of the movies. But the name evokes someone with some disadvantages to overcome, and a quick Google search indeed revealed that the hero of the series got his name because the series began after he had been shot in the leg.

And indeed, given the striking nature of this week’s injury list and its concentration in a few crucial positions (offensive line, outside linebacker, and defensive backs) the Steelers may take the field with one hand tied behind their backs, if I may be allowed to mix the metaphor.

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5 Smoldering Questions: Free Agency Edition

via stillcurtain.com

by Hombre de Acero

The Steelers are in their second week of free agency, yet already the South Side has seen a whirlwind of action as Steelers Nation doesn’t know whether its saying bye or saying hello…. While Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin have many more chess pieces to move before it is all over, enough of the board has been set for 2016 for Going Deep Steelers to pose 5 Smoldering Questions on Free Agency and the Steelers 2016 Off Season thus far.

1. If there was ever a spot in Steelers Nation that appreciated Heath Miller’s contribution to the Pittsburgh Steelers it was this site. Numbers might never do Miller justice as a player, but perhaps they can reveal what he meant to the Steelers:

Heath Miller Stats vs. Rest of Steelers

The graphic at left ranks Heath Miller’s performances vs. the rest of the players during his time with the Steelers who got over 100 targets. As you can see, only Le’Veon Bell has a better targets-to-catch ratio. Heath Miller was a close to a sure catch as you can get in the NFL.
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