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Playing the Long Game

Photo via Steelers’com

In Ivan Cole’s follow-up post to the Vikings game, he made this point:

4) Haley. Rebecca was right for the most part about my reaction to one series in particular. [That would be the empty backfield on 3rd and 2.] I didn’t scream though, didn’t have to. There were enough other people around me screaming. Todd’s play calling logic eludes and concerns me at times. Let’s just leave it at that.

And then Cold Old Steelers Fan, always the voice of reason, left the following comment:

4) I cursed the bubble screens till I saw a fake bubble screen used to mask a run on 3rd and short in the Vikings game. Now I am thinking that Haley is playing a longer game than we are.

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Pittsburgh’s Goin’ To The Super Bowl: Overview

right-logo-color-free-shipping-2005-pittsburgh-font-b-steelers-b-font-font-b-super-bThis is Part 1 of what will be an ongoing series as we start to work ourselves up for the draft. Each week I will pick a position of (at least putative) need and have a look where the Steelers stand.

And as for the title—well, isn’t that the idea? I gather the feeling over at the Southside facility is that any year in which a Lombardi isn’t added to the collection is considered, at least on some level, a failure.

Besides, as I pointed out a few weeks ago, as the Steelers have moved through and emerged from the team rebuild they never admitted was happening, we’ve had the following progression: Read more

Paying It Forward: Steelers Who Are Making the World a Better Place


via Steelers.com—the annual Pouncey turkey giveaway at the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

In yesterday’s 5 Smoldering QuestionsHombre de Acero added the following as a sort of bonus question:

Hopefully, all of you have non-football things to be thankful for, and those are far more important than anything that happens on the gridiron.

But who or what about the 2016 Steelers are you thankful for?

I didn’t answer that question because as it happens I’d already decided that was going to more or less be my post for today. Here goes: Read more

Opponent Preview Update: Steelers at Ravens

Ben Roethlisberger, Terrell Suggs

AP Photo/ Gene Puskar

As promised in my earlier post, here is the updated information about who is playing, as well as a little bit of a rant. Gotta have those from time to time…

Since both teams are coming off their bye weeks you would expect both teams to be relatively close to full strength. And for the Steelers, this is true, or at least what passes for full strength. The only player listed as definitely out is Cody Wallace, Backup Center and Occasional Proctologist. And in fact I believe Wallace is headed for IR, because the hyperextended knee he suffered in the pre-season isn’t responding well. And “Cody Wallace” would also be the presumed answer to Hombre de Acero’s Smoldering Question No. 1 this week, in regards to who gets bumped from the roster should Ladarius Green be activated from the PUP list. It doesn’t appear this is happening for Sunday, but I’m guessing it will be soon. Read more

5 Smoldering Questions: Steelers at Washington Edition

vsg_cockrell_685x445_2by Hombre de Acero

1. So if I had told you, I mmediately after playoff loss to the Broncos, that the Steelers would open on Monday Night on the road vs. a defending divisional champion, and absent Health Miller, Le’Veon Bell, Martavis Bryant, the marquee free agent the Steelers signed to replace Heath, Steve McLendon, Markus Wheaton, Will Allen and everyone on their cornerback depth chart not named Gay or Cockrell, what would you have said?

2. Speaking of the post-Heath Miller era, while we don’t have a very strong sample, what is your rapid reaction to the Steelers “Tight end by committee” approach and do you think this can be sustainable long term if need be?

3. After the game Cam Hewyard lamented the lack of pressure on Kirk Cousins. If ESPN’s statistics are correct, the Steelers only touched him twice, and did not sack him at all. Is this enough to trigger your internal worry wart?

4. A big part of the Pittsburgh Steelers mystique comes from the fact that they’re a no frills organization. Decal on one side of the helmet, stood in the shady side of Three Rivers for years, no cheerleaders, etc….

So what do you think of the fact that they’re using “Color Rush” uniforms which are all the rage?

5. This week of course brings up the rematch against the Bengals. Clearly at this point, the Bengals are the Steelers’ hottest divisional rivals. But going beyond the here and now, where do you assess the cumulative impact of the Bengals rivalry with the Steelers relative to the others?

Enjoy these questions, folks, and ponder them well, because Hombre will be out of pocket for a while now. Of course, only Hombre can give us the authentic Smoldering experience, but I n the meantime we will have questions by committee, rather like the Steelers’ tight end cadre. So if there is something you would like to see explored, put it at the end of your comments or shoot me a line… Rebecca

Scouting for Steelers: Let the Shouting Begin

Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Matt Freed/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Tonight is the big night. The season begins, and the hopes and/or fears of Steeler Nation will be presented with some actual evidence.I can’t help but think of last summer, when the defense looked so appalling during the preseason that some had written the Steelers off before an actual down had been played. (You know who you are. I heard some of you call in to sports radio, declaring that if the offense didn’t score 50 points a game the Steelers would lose every one of them.

This season is also full of dire predictions for particularly the secondary. And okay, maybe it will be awful. But last year’s “awful” secondary (and it was admittedly pretty bad at times) took the ball away a few times. And don’t forget that William Gay holds an NFL record for five straight interceptions being returned for touchdowns.

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The Case for the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers: Part 6


via Vanguard Sports Group

by Ivan Cole

The previous post on the linebackers ended this way:

When you think of what’s going on with this group in combination with the D Line, you are talking about front seven play, which was very good last season, being crazy good going forward. That leaves us with..

The Secondary

How you view this aspect of the team depends upon whether you skew toward being patient and optimistic or impatient and pessimistic. I am the former so I am excited about the possibilities.

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Scouting for Steelers: Defensive Backs

via Steelers.com

I’m focusing on the defense because I’m hoping that most of what we’ve seen from the offense isn’t what we will be seeing with the actual first team on the field. And since the defensive backs are probably the position group that has generated the most angst (I’m guessing TE is a distant second) it’s worth having a look.

As I discovered, it can be pretty hard to figure out who lined up where and who was actually on the field. So I’m just going to approach the group as a whole, making some assumptions about who was likely to have been playing, based upon when the front-line starters mostly packed it in.

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A Dream Team or a Team-First Team?

2015 Postseason Pittsburgh at DenverOnce again Bob Labriola’s feature on Steelers.com Asked and Answered has provided me with material for a post, and thank heavens for that. Here’s the question:

If you could take any defensive player and any offensive player from any team(s) in the rest of the league for the Steelers right now, who would they be?

The temptation might be to say to add an offensive superstar to the mix, such as Todd Gurley to a backfield already containing Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams, or a receiver such as Julio Jones or A.J. Green or Brandon Marshall to pair with Antonio Brown. But all-star teams don’t win championships in football. Remember when the Eagles believed they had assembled the “dream team” in 2011 only to finish 8-8? What about the 2000 Redskins, when Daniel Snyder tried to assemble a fantasy football team, and it also finished 8-8?

So, rather than mess with the chemistry and the selflessness the Steelers have created in this locker room, for offense, all I want is for everybody to stay healthy all season. Everybody. All of the starters and all of the backups, and I’ll take my chances with that group. On defense, give me the 2008 version of James Harrison – 16 sacks and 34 pressures – to go along with the rest of the existing personnel, and I would be willing to play anybody anywhere. Even the mighty Arizona Cardinals.

I read this column about five minutes after putting Ivan Cole’s post on Shaun Suisham in the queue. Ivan’s point, if I may be allowed to put words in his mouth, were that while everyone is going to have to deal with injuries, the timing of the injuries and the personnel to whom they happened was particularly problematic last season.

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