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A Blast from the Past: RIP 2011 Steelers

Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

Hombre’s epitaph was short and to the point:

As disappointing as the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff loss was, I concur with Dale Lolley that Pittsburgh’s latest loss on the road against the Broncos Mile High represents a microcosm of the Steelers 2011 season. Pittsburgh had all of the elements of greatness, but just couldn’t muster them at the right time.

So be it.

Both of the linked articles are good reads, if a bit depressing.

Hombre continued:

The Steelers face a lot of tough decisions in the off season, and there’s no better way to get the debate surrounding those decisions started than with the 2011 season’s final Five Burning Questions “Down But Not Defeated” Edition.

This question was interesting, since we know the end of the story: Read more

The Pittsburgh Steelers All ‘Bust’ Team: Offense

via helmet2helmet.com

by Ivan Cole 

Roxanna Firehall’s “All Good Guys” team has been a source of inspiration for another category of all-time team. This is one person’s view of at least some of the most prominent ‘busts’ in team history. First, some ground rules.

‘Bust’ vs. Bust

This is not a listing of real busts. You won’t be finding Alonzo Jackson or Limas Sweed listed here. That would be boring and frankly, depressing and not a little bit negative. No, the ‘Bust’ team is a listing of players who were written off by the fans, media or even some within the Steelers organization itself. Each went on to enjoy a level of success playing the game. There are a few other practical parameters that I will be observing.

To make this list a player has to meet one or more of the following criteria—be declared a failure before ever putting on a uniform or playing in a game, take longer to develop than deemed appropriate, be dismissed as being too fragile, rejected over personal conduct issues or declared washed up prematurely.

A bias will be given to the Super Bowl era, and the latter portion of that time at that. Not only does that allow for a more inclusive conversation where multiple generations of fans can weigh in, but also the presence of social media and multiple media outlets allows us a better picture of what the evolving input on players has been.

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