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FAREWELL, YOGI—A Paean to Yogi Berra

via Notable Quotes

by Mike Silverstein

I [Rebecca] received this article in my inbox, along with this note:

Homer lost one of his idols, and one of his favorite people today. He lost the guy who watched the most famous baseball in Pittsburgh sports history sail over the left field wall of Forbes Field. He lost a man who lived a wonderful life. 

Even though this blog is dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Yogi Berra transcended sports. If you need a hook to hang it on, I guess you can say that his son Tim played against the Steelers. Tim Berra returned kicks and played wide receiver for the Baltimore Colts in the early 1970’s.

Sports may be the sandbox of life. It’s the place we go for a little fun and relaxation. We go there in search of happiness. Occasionally, we may meet people or learn lessons that enrich our lives. Lawrence Peter Berra brought happiness and enriched the lives of countless millions of people.  Read more