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Why I Still Love Football – and the Steelers

james conner

Jarrad Henderson, USA TODAY Sports

A week and a half ago I wrote one of my patented Momma’s Mock Drafts I was out of town from the Monday through Wednesday before the draft, so I wrote a post encompassing Rounds 4-7, planning to then publish Rounds 1-3 on Thursday.

Strangely, I returned to discover no trace of my Round 4-7 post, and had to incorporate what I could remember into a 7-round draft on Thursday. One of the problems with this was that I had such a great ending for the Monday post. It didn’t fit in the middle of a 7-round draft, though, so I axed that part of it, with the intention of expanding upon the idea. Read more

5 Smoldering Questions on the Pittsburgh Steelers: The Return of Hombre Edition


Keith Srakocic/AP

by Hombre de Acero

We’ve seen a lot from the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers since I departed for my month-long road trip (which limited me to seeing 2 of the 4 Steelers games), and during that time the Steelers seem to have “found” their proverbial identify only to create far more questions in week six than they seemingly answered weeks 1-5 by getting Drowned by the Dolphins.

To add injury to the (self-inficted) insult the Steelers suffered in Miami, Ben Roethlisberger tore his meniscus leaving Landry Jones to start against the New England Patriots….. With that uplifting thought, we now turn our attention to this week’s edition of the 5 Smoldering Questions beginning with a trip to a more pleasant alternate reality from Steelers-Dolphins past.

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