Mocking the Draft: Round Two Finale

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I had planned to finish Round Two in Thursday’s post, but somehow got stuck on Blake Martinez. So here are the final two Round Two prospects I will cover, both safeties:

USA Today Sports

Darian Thompson, S

The first picture I chose for this article wasn’t high enough resolution to look good, but it contained a couple of things I really liked—Thompson and his long-time girlfriend were both dressed in academic robes, as they were graduating, and they were holding their sweet baby girl, Novah.

But this photo is nice too. It does, however, demonstrate one of the major flaws in this prospect.

Perhaps this flaw can be dealt with by hiring Brett Keisel to mentor this young man. Because either you have a beard or you don’t, son. Don’t mess around with that thing if that’s all you can manage. Man up and shave!

Sorry for the tangent, but if you’re looking at a player’s, well, looks, you really have to point out fixable flaws.

After all, few players drafted after No. 5 in the first round are going to be perfect. (I’ve noted some commentators saying there are really only about 15 guys in this draft deserving of a first-round grade.) The question is, are their problems something that can be dealt with in a timely way? In Thompson’s case, I think it would take about five minutes.

On a more serious note, there really is a lot to like about this prospect. An article by Chadd Cripe in the Idaho Statesman noted:

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