Bonus Feature: The End of the Road for The Little Darlin’/Roxanna Firehall Firehall Football Jamboree

by Roxanna Firehall —the enigmatic Firehalls (or is it Darlin’s?) conclude their trip. Next time we have to send them out with the object at left…

Day 11.  Homeward bound – what a long strange trip it’s been.

Little Darlin’ says one of the best things about traveling in a motorhome is you can travel in your jammies.  Rox says its that you can change drivers at a red light.  Today we did both.

It was time to get back to Delaware.  Those of you who have followed the Jamboree from the beginning are probably almost as tired and LD and me.  We pretty much travelled in our jammies today.  We were plumb wore out from our adventures and we were staring the nor’easter pounding the Eastern seaboard right in the puss.  This was no time for styling.

LD lead off and drove from Lancaster to Milford, Delaware, battling the intermittent rains and the high sustained winds and even higher gusts.  LD was getting tired and pulled up to a red light and announced “you’re up.”  She unbuckled and slid out from behind the wheel.  I jumped in, adjusted the seat and was ready to go just when the light turned green.  I battled the wind and rain for the last hour and we pulled into Ocean View, no worse for the wear.  We smiled.  

I’ve got to say, it’s nice to be back in our house.  Sustained winds of 34mph with gusts up to 45 mph.  That ain’t camping weather, Sparky.

And so, the high drama that was the first Little Darlin’/Roxanna Firehall Football Jamboree ends.  One might think that a trip fraught with bad roads, bad planning and bad karma might deter any future adventures.  If so, you just don’t know LD and Rox.  We are prime examples of the resiliency of the human spirit and the tenacity of Steeler Nation.  Despite the setbacks, the mistakes and the ineptitude of That Kicker (dearly departed), we will ride again.  We enjoyed sharing the trip.  Thanks for watchin’. 

I certainly hope you aren’t deterred from further adventures! Don’t miss tomorrow’s review of the Steelers er Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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