This is What I’m Doing…


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…instead of writing posts about the Steelers. This is for my eldest son’s wife. I tried to persuade her to go with a black and gold color scheme, since she already wanted black anyhow, but to no avail. Tomorrow we grout. Hopefully it doesn’t take forever, and I’ll have time to write something. But if not, a game review will appear Monday as usual.


  • cold_old_steelers_fan

    A window in the shower seems nice enough but we had ours removed first chance we had as we nearly lost the exterior wall due to water leaking at the window frame.

    Too bad they didn’t take your advice on a colour scheme as a pattern of gold tiles with black accents would have looked nice in that setting. Especially if they could have got their hands on a large accent tile with the Steelers logo for the center of the floor outside the shower.


  • Gold towels and such would make a nice Christmas present, if you’re into that sort of thing.


  • No disrespect but It looks like a army shower…..Haha;) It definitely needs a little splash of color. A Stiller shour curtain would be awesome. What a coincidence, we are remodeling over here in Korea too. Just doing some landscaping and putting in a couple yard ornaments cause the holidays are right around the corner;) . I hafta go to the baffroom now.

    Only 31 more hours to go before I can watch the Steelers hammer the fin’s. Tape delayed but just as good. I hope our running game get’s on track tomorrow because I would love to see Bell get some open space to work in.

    Looking forward to the post game write-up’s on here.


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