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Ravens Week—Let the Mayhem Begin

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I’m always very conflicted about Steelers-Ravens. Part of me looks forward to what often proves to be a true test of a given Steelers club. This is irrespective of whether the current iteration of the Ravens is a good team or a bad one. (See the embarrassment in Baltimore to a bad team quarterbacked by Ryan Mallett.)

But, as several people just on this site have noted, it’s pretty difficult at this point in the season to make any sort of determination as to what sort of team the Steelers are this year. (Or, I suppose, the Ravens, although they’ve been faintly more consistent.) We are all still trying to get a handle on what’s going on, just here in Pittsburgh.

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The Results are In: A Ridiculously In-Depth Analysis of the Mike Tomlin Era

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This post was not only inspired but requested by Steeler Fever after I published the following in a post last week:

  • Mike Tomlin overall regular season record prior to 2017: 103 – 57
  • Record against opponents who made the playoffs: 27 – 29
  • Record against non-playoff-achieving opponents: 77 – 27
  • Record against teams with a winning record: 46 – 36
  • Record against teams with a losing record: 57 – 21
  • Record against teams who finished with a better record that the Steelers: 17 – 18
  • Record against teams who finished with the same record as the Steelers: 9 – 11
  • Record against teams who finished with a worse record than the Steelers: 78 – 27
  • Record against teams who finished with a 4-12 or worse record: 24 – 6*

Fever asked me to make it a separate post so he could use it to vanquish the nay-sayers, or words to that effect. So I agreed to do so, but with considerable amplification, since I had put the above together rather hastily, and since other ways of looking at the data had occurred to me.

I entered everything into a spread sheet, which I should have done in the first place, made a separate category for 8-8 teams, which I also should have done in the first place, looked at the numbers from various different angles, and saw some really interesting stuff, at least if you like numbers. So here goes: Read more

Ivan’s Second (Third?) Thoughts on Week 3


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By Ivan Cole

I really didn’t want to say anything about this week because my thoughts were complex, veered into larger issues and might have stepped on some toes (and besides I was busy with other things on Monday). But now believe I can stimulate some thinking that isn’t just playing into the negativity that has been inevitable with the confluence of political controversy, married to laying an egg competitively.

About the game

I resist taking the easy route and suggest strangling the offensive coordinator. I would ask a larger and more intriguing question: after week three is anyone certain who is good and who isn’t in the NFL?

I have been talking about September football. Robert Klemko of tackled how the CBA has contributed not only to the inconsistent, and just plain bad football we are subjected to early in the season, but how it has negatively influenced personnel practices that adversely effects the mid-career prospects of all but a handful of superstar level talents in the league in favor of emphasizing young, cheap, inexperienced players.

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Homer J. On the NFL Protests

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As promised, here are Homer’s remarks on the protests, which he kindly amplified for separate publication…Ed.

So the Steelers stayed united by not coming out onto the field for the National Anthem. They showed no disrespect to the flag. Not disrespect to those who would protest or to those who would respond to the President’s comments. Mike Tomlin said they were in Chicago to play football, not to play politics. Unfortunately they didn’t play football very well.

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On Second Thought—Homer J Thoughts and Grades on Steelers @ Bears

Another Immaculate Extension—one of the few happy moments in the game. [Photo via]


As usual I am editing Homer J’s game notes and giving his grades in full. As usual I might feel moved to add an occasional comment, in italics. And in his uniquely Homer fashion he gave some fascinating insight on the protests rocking the league. He suggested, and I concurred, that they be a separate article, and in combination with my thoughts as I read about what was going on league-wide yesterday, it will appear tomorrow…Ed.


Ben opens [the game] with empty backfield, overthrows Martavis by about six inches on a bomb. Three and out. [Something we would see, alas, too often…]

[First defensive series] Defense swarming—excellent pass defense—three and out. [Cue ominous music]

[Eli] Rogers muffs punt—Bears recover at PIT 29. First major turnover of the season. [Ramp up ominous music]

No [T.J.] Watt, no [Stephon] Tuitt, and no penetration—or at least not enough. Looks like we are really missing [them], and the defense needs to adjust and step up.

Howard off the left side, 3-yard TD. Bears are playing power football, and did well on this drive. This is not the start we had been hoping for. 7-0. Uh-oh. [I’m guessing we also all hoped that no Chicago drives would begin from the PIT 29, too…]

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Da Bears Hold the Steelers at Bay—Again

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Well, I said that we shouldn’t let history be our guide in determining whether the Steelers were likely to lose to the Bears. The same Bears who are 12-1 against the Steelers in Chicago since 1934. But I guess we might well have, since the outcome was the same this time.

What a game! I’ve never seen so many weird goings-on in a single game in my entire Steelers-watching career. There were turnovers galore, player stupidity, a regular rota of trainers on the field and players heading down the tunnel, and plenty of flags to add to the festive mood. But the game itself may have been overshadowed by the events (or lack thereof) during the National Anthem. Read more

Da Bears: Steelers Week 3 Opponent Preview

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The Steelers have, through the years, played the Bears a number of times. 13 of those games have been in Chicago. The Steelers have lost 12 of them. So if we were to let history be our guide we would just hang up the (Terrible) towel now and not even bother.

But as we know history isn’t generally a very good guide. Well, maybe when you’re talking about playing the Patriots at their place. (For one thing, the communications system for the opposing team never seems to work correctly…) But for a team the Steelers play as infrequently as the Bears, history shouldn’t have much to do with it. I would be more likely to suspect the pizza.

So what can we expect from this year’s Bears team? Well, they are 0-2, for one thing. But the loss to Tampa Bay looked much different (and worse) than their Week 1 loss in Atlanta. So what’s going on? Read more

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